After a long wait (fingers crossed) in the next few days we will take part in some “official” and authorized events. Riding in small groups, with our close friends and randomly meeting new faces is already enough but let’s be honest: we missed events so badly.

Some of us are showing withdrawal symptoms due to lack of competitions (isn’t it true Mattia?), while others just can’t wait to load their garmin with new routes and let them be guided through new places, without much thinking about anything else. 

Sulla traccia della Jeroboam Dolomiti nel 2020. L’acqua veniva giù dal cielo a secchiate e ci stavamo divertendo come bambini.

All of us are missing the eve nights before the start – when the festive gatherings keep entire villages awake, the long talks after the finish line, the ignorant playlists some of us joyful share, the beers before and after the ride, the feed zones, the people met pedaling to share the experience with, the feed zones, the nights camping out, the adrenaline before the start. Did we mention feed zones?

Well, the wait is finally over. Down below is a list of the events where you will find us from now to the end of the month. Taking for granted that nothing will drastically change overnight (again, finger crossed). We kinda live day by day. But today we can say that you’ll find us here!

Nova Eroica Prosecco Hills

Don’t ask us what the term “nova” will add to the “eroica” concept, it is not our business. What is enough for us to know is that there will be Prosecco. Jokes aside, Saturday we will follow a track crossing the prosecco hills in a sort of zero edition upon invitation. Apparently next year – if everything will go well the upcoming weekend and no one will get arrested after an irruption in a vineyard – the event will be open to everyone. Meanwhile let us carry on the job and see how it is.

Drittoni Ride

Chiara Redaschi’s job is making us look pretty even if there is no way around it. Must be tough! However she manages to have some free time in which she loves riding “drittoni” in Novara flatlands. We are talking here about those endless straight roads where, for some unknown reasons, wind is always blowing in your face. During the weekend the Giro d’ Italia will bring the show through Piemonte paddy lands and Chiara will organize the Drittoni Ride. Go check it out on the instagram profile @drittoni_cc. Enough will take part at the event in the persona of Frank: join in!  And please, tell him to stop training. He is getting in great shape way too quickly.

drittoni ride website

Hard Colli

Another zero edition upon invitation, this time on the Colli Euganei, organized by our friends Mike and Manuel. Another leap of faith in a new event in which, nevertheless, we have some well grounded certainties: we know that we will be in very good company, that the 100 km of trails will feel like at least twice as much and that the third time will be, as the name of the event suggests, rather challenging. For the HC we banked on Jacopo and Samuele, who are already talking about how to share the load.

The Traka

Let me say this quietly and with the fingers tightly crossed but hey, we go to Girona, Spain! The organizers of the event promise “the best road, the best landscapes, the best tracks” to ride on. We look forward to be there and prove no one wrong. 

The Traka will be a first time for many of us. Are we ready for it? Probably not and indeed we can’t wait to step into the game: Frank on the 100km route, Asja and Mattia on the 200km, Fede B in the big 360 km adventure.

the traka website

Fiorino Mud

From Florence to Punta Ala we will line up our heavy duty member – Frank. It will be a home game for him, crossing the finish line not too far from his beloved Bibbona. He will soon provide us with a report on this track that has all the numbers to soon become a great classic among the local randonnée.

fiorino mud website

Jeroboam Altopiano

Jeroboam Gravel Challenge is a synonym of high quality adventure event. We challenge you to take part in it and go home without the biggest smile on your face. On these premises we should also point out that the Asiago edition will start and arrive at the great Col Del Sole Bike Hotel, which is a place we certainly feel like calling home. Who’s not ready for a couple of crazy fun days diving into an amazing and unique environment, there to be unveiled? There are options for everyone, ranging from the chill 37,5km and 75km routes to the most demanding 150km and 300km ones.

jeroboam asiago website

Tuscany Trail

Attending this trail is a must, being one of the most awaited events of the year. Frank and Fede D will take part as a couple, hoping that the Tuscany boy won’t feel the competition kicking in from the first kilometer just like the good old days. We want Stanlio and Ollio together till the finish line.
To these days we still don’t know if they are planning to enjoy a smooth ride through the breathtaking landscapes and the most beautiful villages of the planet or if they would rather keep it crispy through all the 560km of the track. What we know for sure is that they will have lots of fun (topped out with lots of Ciaccini and lots of Chianti, nda).

tuscany trail website