We’ve been waiting so long for this and now writing this blog post while we’re already on the other side of the Ocean it’s a bit weird and awesome.

In 2021 we signed up for Unbound but Covid rules didn’t allow us to fly to Kansas in time. We just accepted it and we did many other things in the meantime until it was time to sign up again for this. 

Luckily no one else has been eating bats lately and we managed to get all the documents ready – which is not easy considering we’re talking about us – to reach Kansas for the big show.

Writing a preview this time is a bit pointless because you’ll probably know already what we’re talking about and because we’re here for the first time too. A nice summary won’t hurt anyway and we’re here to tell you what’s happening from now on.

Unbound Gravel is a race taking place in Emporia, Kansas. For the most nostalgic of you, it’s the old Dirty Kanza. Three distances available: 100, 200 and XL. Numbers refer to miles (!), so 160km, 330 km and XL is gonna be 570 km.

No need to say we didn’t fly to the other side of the World to ride 160 km. We’re gonna be lining up for the 200 and the XL.

Friday afternoon, 3PM, Fede is taking off for Unbound XL. 570 km and 2.7 K D+ which means basically flat. The route doesn’t include checkpoints and it only crosses five or six towns for resupply. Other than that, endless straight roads and fields. Classic Midwest.

160 participants and not many expectations. When events are so long the first goal is always to finish and then everything else is fine. We have a couple of people we think are gonna do good on such course but let’s not reveal our guesses.

Fede’s setup is one that suggest he doesn’t want to stop much. Just a Miss Grape Internode as a bag, a small top tube Node and a very small under saddle bag for tools. Hydration pack for sure and aerobars too. Campagnolo Ekar with a 9-36 cassette for the flat course, Fulcrum Rapid Red Carbon and Pirelli Cinturato M 40MM.

Fizik Terra X2 to be comfortable for the long hours in the saddle, summer kit PAS x Enough and just a rain jacket with arm warmers. Nothing more for Fede.


The Unbound 200 is definitely the main event of the weekend. It starts on Saturday morning, 6AM for 330 km and 1600 D+. Same as the XL, straight and flat. And crazy fast.

Mattia, Frank and Mavi will start and try their best with a light setup. We showed you Mattia’s bike, while Frank and Mavi will ride a very similar setup. Just a Miss Grape top tube Node bag for them and a Camelback too. Same summer kit, different shoes: they’ll ride with a pair of Fizik Vento Ferox. 

Unbound 200 has two set checkpoints and we have the feeling it’s a huge mess since everybody have her own crew on spot. Quite a big point for us to understand, as it’s our first experience.

1700 participants and sooo many strong riders. It’s pretty impossible to list them all. Our friend Lachlan, Nathan Haas, Ian Boswell just to name a few. But really, everybody is here.

Anything to add? Not really, we’re just enjoying the atmosphere and a couple of days at the village waiting for the start!

If you want to follow the races, here’s how you can do it. Here a link to the live tracking of the XL, while here a link to the live broadcast (yes!) for the 200 miles. See you!