First event on the long side of things for Enough and first time checking on the gear list we are planning on having with us is really worth something. Federico and Frank are getting ready for the 500 km of ups and downs of the Tuscany Trail happening this upcoming weekend. 

Let’s start from the basics. Who are we asking how he’s getting ready? Time to talk with Fede, our very own logistic maniac, since Frank will be at his first experience and he is already appealing to the fifth amendment. Fede, here the stage. 

Fede cherry picking the items of his setup

Well, first of all I’m anxious. I’m used to prepare my expedition way better than how it’s going, but this time I really didn’t have time to do so – I gave a quick check at the route and that’s it. 

Nevertheless, I can tell a couple of things. First, as of today it seems that the weather conditions will be alright all days. Second, rules state that you cannot keep going from 11:00pm to 5:00am due to curfew. Third, last time I checked, Tuscany is not the Atacama desert and we would be find whatever we could need in a few kilometers. 

All things considered I would go for a light setup trying to sleep in an Airb2b on the track rather than bringing along sleeping bag, bivvy, tent or hammock. Same things with clothing. Just what’s enough for this season’s temperatures – with a little extra cause you never know. 

(edit. seems like a couple thunderstorms are in sight. I’ll add rain pants and jacket to the list)

Let’s jump to bags. Internode and Node are essential, Cluster 7 under the seat, bud on the bars but we will talk about it later. 

In the Cluster I’ll put all the things that I hope to not employ or to take out just at night. Those are:

  • Down jacket. Useful if temperatures unexpectedly drop and to step into a restaurant or supermarket without seeming an idiot
  • Underwear. Just a pair, for the night. With Frank with haven’t reached a higher level of intimacy yet
  • Leg warmers. I really hope they will stay where they are
  • Medical kit. What’s inside? Bandages, tape, Imodium, Plasil, Ibuprofen, Tachipirina.
  • Sportful Stelvio Jacket. Rain jacket. This could stay in the Node too since it’s a wind breaker too, but we are optimistic
  • Rain pants.
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, soap and some Elite cream
  • Phone and Garmin charger

In the Internode I’ll put all the item possibly useful while riding and some treats:

  • Arm warmers. I never leave without them
  • Norain gloves. Them too, never without
  • Camera and batteries. They have to stay comfortable and accessible.They will take a lot of space but there is no risk of rain and there is no way I will not bring them with me. 
  • Superglue, electric tap, folding knife, lighter. They are part of the maintenance kit as well as the medical one. Here in the middle is just the perfect spot. 
  • 4-5 ziplock
  • An extra inner tire
  • Tissues
  • Sunscreen

In the Node a lot of empty space. At the start there will be in it:

  • Multitool, always ready for duty
  • Wallet
  • Nivea cream

In the extra Elite bottle on the bottom part of the frame:

  • One more inner tire
  • Co2 cartridge 
  • Sandpaper
  • Campagnolo 13 speed quicklink 
  • SPD cleat
  • Dropout 
  • Chain oil
  • American tape 
  • Federico Bassis mugshot, to keep my composure in case of problems

Federico Bassis pray for me

The end. Yes, I know it, I will answer in advance. 

There is a bunch of free space. Half Cluster, almost all the Node and the Bud. What’s that for? Food, food, food. Never enough.

Do you have extra clothes for the second day? No, one bibshort is enough. Hardly always. 

Let’s move on. Garmin on the handlebar and of course a set of lights. The front one will be a Lupine with a small battery pack, no extra charge needed since we will not pedal at night. Maybe I’ll put the headlamp on the helmet but I’m still undecided on that. 

Two water bottles, the ones that a short person frame can take. These would be the new Elite Jet Green 550. Something clever: the alternate side charging bottle cages. A lefty one to drink while climbing and a righty one to drink at higher speed when your hand should stay on the front brake lever. 

Let’s now jump to the tricky part: wheels, tires and gearing. In this case it’s not even that complex to be honest. I do not know the track that well but on the website it’s written pretty straight forward: the Tuscany Trail was born as a MTB event. Therefore I’ll go all in – the more the better. Which means: Ekar topped with 38 x 10-44, Fulcrum Rapid Red 3 650B wheels, Pirelli Cinturato Gravel M 50mm Tubeless. 

Little check on the tubeless Milkit sealant, which was doing his job since the beginning of the year and therefore it was about time to put in a little extra. Check on brakes and chain lubricant. And ready to go.

Something else? I don’t think so. Updating the route to my Garmin device, go to do some grocery shopping and make it to Massa. Frank, are we ready to go?