We traveled the world on our bikes, and that’s the thing we love and want to share with the widest range of fellow cyclists and people new to the sport, regardless of their level and fitness.

We’ve been there. We know that anyone who has ever pedaled has dreamt of traveling the world on their bike, but sometimes, traveling comes with a certain degree of uncertainty that may discourage you from leaving. We also realized it’s awesome to do it solo, but it’s even better to do it together. That’s why we decided to join forces with PA-Cycling to start organizing bikepacking trips to discover the world together.

We are going to ride together, camp, sleep under the stars, and visit unbelievable places in total safety, guided by expert bike travelers and bikepackers. For 2024, we are kicking off the program with two trips. Mongolia and Altopiano di Asiago: a place of our dreams and the place we call home. Find out more and see you out there!


July 20th - August 3rd

8 stages assisted bikepacking



October 13th - October 20th

Gravel escape


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