We’re finally in Girona once again. The Traka feels quite like home and it’s an event we like so much that we really couldn’t wait any longer to be back here.

Last here it was the first big thing for us and it meant a lot to bond the collective and spend some time together. It was definitely one of the highlights of the season.

Girona feels quite like home thanks to many friends and the organisers of the event. They’ve always been super nice with us and we always feel welcome here. 

It’s one of our favorite races for many reasons, its format being one of the most important of those. It’s simple: 360K (or 200K) flat out from start to finish. A 13/15 hour-ish effort if you push strong.

There’s everything: crazy good gravel roads, some single tracks, some climbs and some technical parts. 

Cutting things short, once again, it’s great to be here. We’re racing on the 360k starting on Saturday and the 200k starting on Sunday.

On the 360, Mattia of course trying to defend his title. Fede is there too, but don’t ask him to race. He is just gonna ride for the sake of riding. He never rode in Girona before and he wants to enjoy it.

Unfortunately Asja won’t be part of the game and we send her a big hug from here. We’re sure she will be back soon.

On the 200K we finally have Mavi making her debut in the Enough colours and Frank trying his best. It’s gonna be a crazy distance because it’s gonna be fast for sure.

But the 360 is gonna be the real big deal because of the riders starting tomorrow. Lachlan Morton, Ullrich Bartholmoes, Diederik Deelen, Janosch Wintermantel, Justinas Leveika just to name a few. And the guys from Team Amani like Geoffrey, Sule and John. It’s gonna be quite crazy, we’re pretty sure about it!

The courses are here on komoot to check and the live tracking is on from tomorrow morning. Follow us, it’s gonna be fun!