Almost two months have passed since the start of the Trans Balkan Race. It was not easy to wait so long to publish some content but we’ve been working on something big this time.

Thanks to Elite’s support, we were able to produce a docufilm on Manuel’s experience in the Balkans. Directed and filmed by Alessandro Ponti, it’s a piece of content we’re very proud of and that we premiered this week during an awesome evening at Eroica Caffè Padova.

As any adventure cycling event, the Trans Balkan Race requires physical preparation as it requires mental attitude, luck and grit to be conquered. Some riders line up to compete, some others just to finish. Either way, it’s one of those events taking riders on an emotional rollercoaster.

Impatience, happiness, relief, loneliness – 1300 km and a few days on the bike can take you and your mind through different feelings. The Balkans’ Rollercoaster is a journey through Manuel’s feelings and moods during the race.

Here the link to the Youtube video. Just below it, a selection of awesome images that Chiara shot during the race.

Riding | Manuel Truccolo
Direction, filming and editing | Alessandro Ponti
Concept and screenwriting | Federico Damiani
Assistant editing | Luca Grandini
Sound Design | Flavio marini
Subs | Jacopo Lahbi and Federico Damiani
Driving | Chiara Redaschi, Alessandro Ponti
Production | Elite cycling and Enough Cycling