Sisa Vottero

There are people who face adversity hiding under a blanket on the couch, eating junk food and watching sad movies, others that jump on a bike and pedal across the Country. Needless to say, at Bridget Jones expenses we would choose Sisa and her outstanding guts to dare her limits any days. Outstanding like that time she cycled across Italy knowing very little about bikes and nothing at all about bike maintenance and how to fix mechanical issues.  These premises leave us with just a taste of what she would be really capable of with a bit of training. We’re all for discovering it and we simply can’t wait to see what her limits might be.

Ski teacher, adventurer, entrepreneur, it doesn’t really matter what she might be up to, Sisa always responds to the name of strength, determination, passion, craziness and charisma. Where will this experience lead her? We don’t know, but in the end it’s fine this way; we don’t always need to know the end of the story, what really matters is hopping on the bike and starting to ride.

Taking the multi-sport approach to the next level, Sisa is a ski teacher before being a cyclist and a two-wheel traveler.

The unconventional enough interview

How long have you been cycled for? What pushed you to do it for the first time?
I haven’t been in the game for long. My adventure began in 2018 with a solo trip, mainly to find myself along the way.

How would you describe your relationship with bikes?
I would say it’s just a beautiful love story and like every romance wants, I have to accept the good and the bad days. I have a very romantic perspective of life and in my bike I found the best partner I could have ever asked for. 

Tell us about your most beautiful ride.
Maybe the best one is yet to come, because every time I get home after a good ride I tend to think “that was a blast” and then the ride after comes and it gives me something even more beautiful. 

Tell us about that time you felt challenged the most while riding.
As a novice in the sport I still need to get the hang of how to nourish myself during big rides. Once it happened that I finished all the food and drinks in the middle of nowhere and I had  40 more kilometers to go. It rained that day, but I can tell you my cheeks were mostly wet because of my tears. 

What object do you always carry with you on a ride?
If I’m travelling it would be my mascara, if it just a random ride a head light, just in case.

Complete this sentence: if you come on a bike ride with me be aware that…
… whatever happens we must get to the top. I’m a sucker for some good passes. 

What is your dream cycling event?
I don’t have big dreams, for now I’m looking forward to the Bam Campfire in June.

What are your plans for this season? Are there any events you look forward to more than others?
I don’t have specific plans. The most important thing is riding a lot, it helps me get a hold of my thoughts. 

What did you say enough to in the past? What do you think you will never say enough to?
When things get hard I tell myself “I am enough”. What I will never say enough to are new experiences, better if on my bike. 

Sisa and Brigitta on their trip across Italy

Explain what Enough Cycling is to your grandma.
Granny, I’m a part of a team of people who love riding the bike every chance they get. They like VEEEEERY long rides, they leave at dawn and come back at dust, I still got to learn a lot, but I’m ready to do so. 

Your ideal Saturday night? What if it was a weekend?
Depends on the season, if I’m chill I can plan the Sunday or the weekend! 

You have a gap year, how do you spend it?
I would get on my bike and ride East. 

Tell us a sentence that represents you.
“Alla faccia ‘ro cazzo”… am I allowed to say it? 

Your favourite cyclist or athlete.
You want to tell me you have just one? 

If you are not out on the bike you …
… I’m skiing

Nothing found.