A week earlier you are at BAM! sleeping on a grass field, with your bike loaded enough to cross the Atacama desert, and the week after you are trying to get the lead in a Granfondo with 3000 participants.

Is there anything wrong? Absolutely no. We already did our thing at BAM! during a weekend we will hardly forget, just like the one happened in Feltre a few days ago, gifting us with great moments and feelings.

We are not going to lie: entering the starting grid we were a bit confused.

The mix was fairly explosive. Five Enough at the start line of an event are hard to manage and as forecasted it wasn’t easy. Mattia wanted to push hard, Fede D was confused, Jacopo was at its first Granfondo of his life, Fede B came with a bike still dirty from the last off-road ride and Frank jumped in the pack for the first time since his last race as a pro.

The weekend has been expression of unbelievable sport performances, unexpected encounters thanks to Sportful social ride and the Granfondo and superb performances on and off the bike.

Being a competitive event reporting the results of our participants – and the rest of the crew we shared the weekend with – it’s fair enough.

Mattia De Marchi
Second classified of the Sportful Dolomiti Race long course
An astonishing performance as always. Especially considering that Mattia is a guy that one week is at BAM!, the week before he is at the Veneto Gravel, the week after he’s touring around and so on. What do you wanna say to a guy who arrives up front in the hardest Italian GF too?

Federico Bassis
Winner in the “start from your crib” category.
He didn’t start from the last starting grid. He started a little further back. Basically he was in Belluno.

Francesco Martire
Winner of the long course “smokers” category.
7h15’ and two cigarettes on the finish line. Should we add something more?

Frank Bettini
Winner of “people with a Bettini as last name” category.
Great battle with a Paolo: decent cyclist, good biplane pilot.

Jacopo Lahbi
Winner of “bikepacking” category.
When he reached the lead of the group with a gravel bike and a frame bag attached to it, MissGrape quotation at Nasdaq skyrocketed and we still wonder why.

Paolo Bettini
Winner of “gravel” category.
Apparently through his life Paolo pedaled on tarmac way more than enough and so he decided to please himself with big detours on the valley grass fields. Is this a joke? Definitely not, we saw it with our eyes.

Chiara Ciuffini
Winner of “where-did-I-end-up” category.
Cycle a whole Granfondo with Frank and Fede B is no easy task and an existential crisis might be among the side effects, especially if you are a person accustomed to be leading upfront.

Jury Chechi
Winner of “biceps” category.
No explanations needed.

Fede D
Winner of “ex ballon d’or” category.
The number 9 with no name soon enough became Ronaldo n°9. And all of a sudden the magic began.

Alessio Miotto
Winner of “Mahatma Gandhi” category.
He climbed Passo Manghen with Fede D who played loud and obnoxious music bathering the entire valley for a good hour. He was also able to not beat him: Alessio patience master.

Florian Nowak
Winner of “Chiara Ferragni” category.
7h10’ to close the long curse while taking over IG Sportful profile. Okay. So what should we expect without a phone in his hands? Le Tour de France?

Marta Swiatlon
Winner of “social reporting” category.
If we would create content at least half good as hers everything would be much better. Maybe one day we will learn…

Winners of “leap of faith” category.
After gifting us with the best looking jersey of the world they invited us at their place for a weekend where we had potential to fuck up quite a lot. Well, danger avoided. We realized that around Feltre there are pretty high standards and we definitely felt home.

Sportful Dolomiti Race
Winners of “organizers” category.
All perfect. And despite our conduct we received not a single red card.

Here is Mattia's loop, in case you wanna give it a look...