Samu Nichele

We can’t tell what happened to the wannabe football player who, not long ago, has been a dream for the entire San Zenone degli Ezzelini, on the field as well as in the best Vicenza club’s privè. Matter of fact, we don’t even know what mix of experiences,  chemical substances and reasonings has affected his transformation and has determined the result we clearly have in front of us as we write. Sam Nichele today is a heap of stoicism and passion, shaken – not blent – with a good amount of peace and serenity.

So happy  and smiley on a daily basis, so imperturbable on the saddle: sun and rain, single track and prohibitive slopes, wind, freezing cold and muggy weather, our boy is capable of just one facial expression. That display of someone who doesn’t know any fatigue and is definitely not impressed about what is happening.

If you won’t be able to get a hang of him, try looking on the most remote trail of Monte Grappa, being that a place he became depositary by prescription due to his outstanding accomplishment on that land. 

Sam really is a person who embodies the whole set of Enough values – on and off the bike – living a life unchained from every preconceived and socially imposed attitude he will not find a reason for. 

He owns a Panda: the flagship team car. It’s a vehicle bearing every mistreatments and every night trip Sam forces into it, heading to the starts of our events to return, later on, at home where Chiara and their two puppies are waiting for him.

If you ask Sam, he will probably answer that there’s already what’s enough for him in this single picture.

The unconventional enough interview

How long have you been cycling for? What pushed you to do it for the first time?
I started early, at the age of 6 I used to spend the whole afternoon riding my bike. Then, mainly because my friends and family, I started play soccer and I did it until I was 29. After that. In 2017, I did the Veneto Trail with a friend and from that point on, the love and passion for bikes came back.  From that year i bike to work every day and during weekends I often go riding around on Monte Grappa.

How would you describe your relationship with bikes?
I approached cycling because it helps me escape a society made of work, hectic rhythms and loads of negativity. To my eyes a bike is freedom. I love cycling alone, deep into nature, on the mountains and in wild places. It frees my mind, bringing me back to the simple thing. I always come back home with a smile on my face. That’s my relationship with bikes.

Tell us about your most beautiful ride.
I have many good memories on the bike and I recall them with happiness. I would say the best one was during the 2017 edition of Veneto Trail, when I reached the Cime di Lavaredo after six hours of pouring rain and the sky was finally opening and getting better. That moment gave me chills and changed forever my relationship with bikes.  

Tell us about that time you felt challenged the most while riding
I had my worst time two years ago when I torn my popliteal muscle while skidding with a fixed gear. I had to  go three months without riding – yes, the most difficult moment on the bike for me was not being able to ride  it. 

What object do you always carry with you on a ride?
Kind of mainstream but I have to say my phone. I often ride alone and I keep it always with me for safety and  to avoid worrying the tiger. I’m not superstitious and I don’t have particular objects I’m attached to. I find being  superstitious is more of a weakness. 

Complete this sentence: if you come on a bike ride with me be aware that…
… I will bring you on Monte Grappa and I’ll try to give you a really hard time.

What is your dream cycling event?
Silk Road Mountain Race

What are your plans for this season? Are there any events you look forward to more than others?
The only event I was looking forward to – Italy Divide – was postponed until July. Since in June I’ll become a  dad, I was thinking of going with a friend on the 24th of April anyways – it’s going to be fun. 

What did you say enough to in the past? What do you think you will never say enough to?
More or less a year ago I said enough to a full time job as a surveyor and its consistent pay check to dedicate  myself to a more humble job. I really appreciate having more time available to myself – free from the busy  schedule and the many responsibilities brought by my past job. 

I will never say enough to the love and affection I have for the Tiger (Tiger being his girlfriend). And I will never say enough to the bike.

Some say Sam is able to wheelie from home to Paris and back. Nobody never proved them wrong.

Explain what Enough Cycling is to your grandma.
Apologies, we can’t translate – “Ou nona me sentito? Seto che stano farò parte de na squadra de tosati e coraremo in bici?! Faremo dei viaggi  co a bicicletta. Qualcuni attraverserà l’Italia, altri l’Europa fin a Capo Nord.
Insomma na manega de matti che voe divertirse in maniera semplice co na bicicletta e qualche borsa picà al  tearo. No servirà niente de pì. Beo no?”

Your ideal Saturday night? What if it was a weekend?
I can imagine my ideal Saturday night in my backyard – during summer – just being on the hammock and  relaxing with a beer and some fresh air. It would be the perfect way to end a day or a weekend out bike-packing  with my friends sleeping under the stars. 

You have a gap year, how do you spend it?
I don’t think I need a gap year. I’m happy the way I have organized my life. What I would actually need would  be some more time – days of 36 hours or something like that. This way I could have more time to ride the bike  and to spend with the people I love. 

Tell us a sentence that represents you.
Sit down in the sun, abdicate and be the king of yourself. 

Your favourite cyclist or athlete.
Charles Leclerc. He is a very polite person, clever and classy but on the bike he become a real beast

If you are not out on the bike you are …
… with the Tiger and my two Cockers.