One big news for this season is our new partnership with Pas Normal Studios for sure. We are now wearing a kit which is a mix of race-ready high performance pieces, new developments as well as key styles from their brand new Escapism collection. 

We’re gonna have a look at the technical features later – for now we just wanted to have a couple of words from the Man behind the design our brand new kit, which is reflecting and representing our “Crazy. Or not.” concept very well. Beside looking cool and elegant for sure.

We asked a couple of questions to Karl-Oskar Olsen – co-founder and creative director of the Danish brand – to tell us a bit more about this design and some other things too. We knew he and everybody at the HQ are cyclists too and we wanted to get a few insider info to plan a route or an adventure to tackle together when we will have a chance.

What was your inspiration for the design and the pattern?
I’ve been listening to a lot of psychedelic music and jazz and the design reflects that – it is a more organic and free flowing pattern but it’s still a high performance kit. I think that contrast is interesting.

What kind of music and songs would you associate with the design more specifically?
Some of my main inspirations lately are Spacemen 3 and Joy Division.They are bands that are really seducing and are able to channel emotion and create interesting spaces you can delve into as a listener. Also, I’ve been into a lot of John Coltrane. They are all artists that create the same space and emotions as when you’re on a really great ride. You can get the sensation of disappearing into the road in front of you.

Why is Pas Normal Studios and Enough Cycling a good fit?
We want to engage in projects and with people who do things a bit differently than what we’re used to. That approach is in the Pas Normal Studios DNA. I think there’s a need to challenge the perception of what cycling is at the moment. We are evolving as well, and connecting with Enough Cycling makes total sense. You’re organic and living and based on a strong sense of community. 

PAS started approaching adventure and off-road lately. We know the direction of the brand reflects the view and the passion you guys have for cycling. What are you looking for and why adventure is becoming something interesting for you?
I recently moved out of the city. That has really opened up the landscape and ways of riding your bike for me. Adding trails, unpaved roads and forest paths to the possible routes gives you freedom to be creative. And I think that’s what appeals so much to me about riding gravel and being adventurous. You can be creative in the way you ride. 

If you need to pick just one, which bike adventure would you jump on and start tomorrow?
I’ve heard really great things about riding the West Coast of Denmark. There’s this track that goes from the border to Germany in the south all the way to the northernmost point of the country. You ride gravel tracks, roads and sandy beaches and the wind is ever present there. I would like to do that. Maybe even as a bikepacking adventure. 

Anything else you want to add – with no filter?
Time is a luxury at the moment, so I think we all need to remind ourselves that riding bikes is a great way of connecting with people and cultures. You experience the same gradient, the same rough trails as the person next to you. You create a strong bond that way. And our differences disappear when we’re on the bike. We are all the same.