When Fede set out for the North Cape 400 in August we challenged him a bit. Better – we said good luck and gave him a disposable camera with only 36 shots, asking to use it during the journey and bring some pictures home. At least one shot per day.

Having only 36 shots it’s not easy at all. To start, you really don’t know how many days you’ll need to get to the finish line and therefore you don’t know how many shots you can spare in the first days. Sure thing – not many. Say 3 or 4. You really need to consider what’s worth a shot. So here what happened – adding a few comments from Fede to understand a bit better the pictures.



I couldn’t miss the start, of course. Then a picture with Asja who came to say hi and ride a few km together. Taking selfies sucks, but that was worth an exception.


Sunday, all shops are closed. After a couple of hours riding I was very hungry and this nice family invited me for breakfast. They were about to go out and they came back home to cook me a great meal. The best guys on Earth.


Breakfast at the gas station and wonderful locals in Budapest


Morning, 9AM. Slovak mountains. We crossed a small town, there were some speakers playing music in all the streets. It seemed like being in a moovie.


Random people in a small shop on the road


My new mate Vivaldo at the gas station. We were having the second breakfast of the day. Then, an endless forest at sunset.


Dawn on the last Polish km, just before entering Latvia


Problems and bikes laying on benches


Welcome to Estonia

DAY 10

Getting off the ferry. Finlands seems great.

DAY 11

Findand is not so good, it’s rainy and windy. Saying Hi to Santa. Days are soo long and it (almost) never gets dark.

DAY 12

I realize I still have many pictures to take. Great! Morning with Joshua, that was a hard morning indeed. 

There’s no sunset, but the light at 10PM is really cool.

DAY 13

I got stopped at the border and slept in that tent – found many other riders in the morning. Then Norway, then North Cape.