Mattia De Marchi

Mattia dedicates himself to two activities: pedaling and breaking stuff. That’s it? This answer is left to the reader.

Truth is, this guy last year cycled 40.000 km with 460.000 meters D+, equivalent to 1300 hours on the saddle, 1000 pizza or 200 kg of pasta burnt and yes, to us it’s enough!

Cycling really runs through Mattia’s veins  and this allows him to successfully share his passion with everyone lucky enough to cross his path and ride along for a few kilometers. Both visionary and practical at the same time, always loved by everyone he is able to constantly promote his ambitious projects, demonstrating day by day that there is nothing more fulfilling than living a life made of true passion.

Following Mattia will take you really far, with your bike or your mind – the choice is up to you. But let us give you a little piece of advice: if you go ride with him don’t give him the half wheel, always carry a few tubes as a spare and don’t stop his Garmin recording by any means. Doing otherwise you will unveil a side of him that it would be better leaving to the worst car drivers out there. 

Mattia in a very dangerous limbo between racing and bikepacking… but somehow you need to start, don’t you?

The unconventional enough interview

How long have you been cycling for? What pushed you to do it for the first time?
After kicking a ball for a few years and finding it not thrilling enough, I discovered cycling at the age of 9. During Christmas 1999 I saw my older cousins ride their bike, dressed on shiny suits and colorful helmets. That fantastic picture moved me deep inside and I soon realized that it was exactly what I wanted to do. 

How would you describe your relationship with bikes?
Sometimes it’s fairly ignorant, sometimes it’s extreme. Other times it is deeply relaxing. To me every occasion and mood is the good one to jump on my bike and ride some kilometers.

Tell us about your most beautiful ride.
I had the best moment on my bike when I was riding through the last leg of the Atlas Mountain Race 2020. A local helped me out with some mechanical issues and after that he invited me to share with him a piece of bread and some tea. It has been a really genuine moment and although we were not able to communicate verbally I felt deeply connected and grateful to that man.

Tell us about that time you felt challenged the most while riding.
Again while riding the Atlas Mountain Race, in the middle of the remote Moroccain mountains, I broke my handlebar and cut my thumb. I had no clue how I could handle my bike nor break and for a second I really thought I was lost. Then I managed to react and it is true that greatest difficulties always carry the best rewards.

What object do you always carry with you on a ride?
I could not leave without SuperGlue. It helps me fix tires, glue things together and cicatrizes wound.

Complete this sentence: if you come on a bike ride with me be aware that…
If you are dying and I did not warn you earlier it means you are making me the half wheel. And if you make me mad I could be really annoying.

What is your dream cycling event?
My dream event is the Silk Road Mountain Race as a pair. I wouldn’t do it alone, deep inside I’m less of a brave as it seems in those situations.

What are your plans for this season? Are there any events you look forward to more than others?
I have ambitious plans for this season. I would be back to some events I’ve done in the past and I will take part to new ones. As right now, I keep them for me… 

What did you say enough to in the past? What do you think you will never say enough to?
I’ve said enough to chasing my dream to become a professional cyclist. However, I will never say enough to the bicycle itself. Now more than ever it is helping me discovering new places and growing as a person.

The task from Alba Optics was simple: take a picture with the blanket. Facts: to do that he managed to break a coffe pot and  a mug. Mattia De Marchi at its best.

Explain what Enough Cycling is to your grandma.
Einstein said: “you don’t really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandma”. Well grandma, to me Enough Cycling is like your peperonata. It doesn’t matter how much you will do it, I will never have enough of it.

Your ideal Saturday night? What if it was a weekend?
My ideal Saturday night would be spent in a cabin, drinking vin brulè (mulled wine) after a good bit of kilometers on the saddle. In case of a weekend I would say nothing different. I will never get tired of spending my free days exploring the Dolomites and our amazing Prealps.

You have a gap year, how do you spend it?
My answer will probably be a surprise to many but I would leave the bike for a while and I would travel to some foreign Country. Mainly I would do it to improve my English, cause I am really bad at it. 

A sentence that represents you?
Always leave a coin in your pocket. More than a sentence that represent me is a motto I have.

Your favorite cyclist or athlete.
My favorite cyclist is my cousin Alessandro in which I see outstanding will power and cleverness. Ale is the perfect example helping explain that physical strength is not enough to ride as professional and that behind every athlete there are wonderful personalities. 

If you are not out on the bike you are…
If I’m not cycling I guess I’m thinking about it.