We’ve known Lydia for a while, and we’ve always been thinking… the next available spot we have in the team – she’s the one. You ask why? I mean, we talked and talked. We rode together. We partied together. We never had the feeling she was in the wrong place, and most certainly, we never had the feeling she was faking that attitude. Long story short, she’s been with us for just a couple of months, but we couldn’t be happier about that decision. The only thing: don’t let her choose the playlist if you have a 3+ hour drive in your van. Other than that, we strongly recommend you get to know her and spend some time with her if you cross paths at the next event!


Here are a few questions we asked her to get to know her more and give you a feeling of the person she is!

We’ve crossed paths many times in the past and we’ve always known you could have been a great fit to the Team. What did you think about Enough before joining and what do you think now after you’ve seen a bit of it from the inside?

The reason I started gravel was actually because of Enough! She probably doesn’t know but Asja is the one who made me want to try it.

I was on the same road cycling team as her when she decided to stop her road cycling career, and next year she won Traka. It looked so fun that made me want to do it the year after. And from there on… it’s all been about gravel for me too!

About Enough I’ve always seen it as a group of friends who love bikes, in different ways and with different ways of enjoying them and the kind of team which always do things in the fun way. And now that I’ve seen it from inside…I’m even more sure I was right.

You have a past in professional and competitive sports – cycling and XC skiing. What do you miss about it and what don’t you miss at all? What is now your relationship with training and racing?

Sometimes I miss to have a routine and plenty of time to train and rest. But I’m also glad that I made the most of those years and did everything I could for results because now my mood has changed a lot and would probably have a bad time going back to that.

I don’t miss at all the pressure taken in a bad way and the feeling of being always worried about results.

My relationship with training now is that i don’t take it as a “training” anymore. I just ride my bike depending on how I feel and try to enjoy every km. In this way I still ride my bike almost everyday when I’m not working and of course I try to do my best in every race because I still have a bit of competitive mood in me. But I’m just racing myself, and if it doesn’t go as planned, I’m still going to work the next day, so… who cares.

The perfect weekend for you. Tell us about it.

For sure, sunny weather. Bibshorts, Bikepacking bags and nice people to ride with. Stoping for coffee and food and having a bath on a lake or the beach after the ride. Only worrying abut what’s the route for the next day.

If it’s in Winter… would be the same but with skis and probably without the bath part.

You’ve joined the gravel scene pretty early and you’ve seen it change it quite a bit, we guess. What have you seen changing and what do you think about the direction it is taking?

This is my third year on gravel I would say and the way it is changing is so fast. I used to say I liked gravel events cause it was a way of racing without pressure, and it was made for everyone. People who wanted to go fast, had their place. People who just wanted to ride with new people and discover new roads, had their place too. And after that everything was social.

Now, it is still social and don’t take me wrong, I still like the events. But I have the feeling is becoming more and more professional, lots if riders put so much pressure on themselves to perform well and I’m afraid that can make people forget about how fun it is.

You’ve bikepacked alone last year and this year as well. What are your feelings when you’re riding alone and what do you look for when you do such experiences alone?

I actually love riding alone and sometimes I feel like is all I need. When bikepacking I like the feeling of being able to make my own choices, take care of my bike (I still have a long way to work on my mechanicals) and my things and realizing I’m able to do anything I want without needing anyone. Of course the first time I did it I was a bit scared and still now I have that feeling of: what if something happens… . But if something happens I know I’ll make it work. Cause we always do.

Some people may be scared about riding and traveling alone. Do you have any advice or things you wanna share to encourage them to do it?

As I said before, just think in every hard moment you had in life. You made it work, right? So you will do it if something happens while riding or traveling alone. Apart from that, I don’t see any reason to be scared about spending time with yourself. It’s the perfect way of getting to know you better, and realizing how capable you are of everything.

“Enjoy the trip” is the main topic of Enough for this year. What does it mean for you?

For me, is the way I want to take life. I recently had a family member diagnosed of Cancer and that made me think a lot about what’s the sense of worrying too much and not enjoying life, which is a trip, isn’t it?. I also work as a nurse and unfortunately I get to see too often how life can change in a moment. That’s why I think we shouldn’t take anything for granted, instead we should enjoy everything and every minute we have. Cause, I hope it does never arrive but, if that day arrives, knowing you made the best of it till the moment has to be such a good feeling.