We grew found with the Asiago stage for several different reasons. It was the first one of the season, it was next to home and the route was the outcome of our reckless minds, Mattia’s one leading the pack.

Saturday the 3rd and Sunday the 4th of July the show will go on with the second Italian stage which is – for a different set of reasons – an appointment we consider unmissable by every person wanting to spend a weekend deep into breathtaking sceneries, lovely routes and outstanding performances at the event village.

It doesn’t get much better than this

The meet up is set in Tesero and the event is the Jeroboam Dolomiti. This would be enough by any means, but let’s try to break down in five points why you better be there.

1) Meet right people
We can safely say that Jeroboam Dolomiti is one of the events who gave a firm push to Enough’s birth. Out of the eight members, five have pedaled for the first time together during the Jeroboam Dolomiti 2020. On that amazing ride something worthy raised and pushed us to start this journey together. We definitely think that if you are looking for some adventure mates, this is by far the best place to find them.

2) Mauro’s organization
Uncompromising. Perfect. A trade mark! An event organized by Maurizio Barbolini is a guarantee of a few things. The most important ones: a perfect route, awesome feed zones, a pump up event village with sparkling beer taps, polenta and venison to fuel the tank.

3) Val Vengia
Last year was pouring rain and we haven’t seen a good chunk of the route. Nevertheless we’ve got a sight of the Val Venegia and the Pale di San Martino. We can tell you that those alone are worth the effort. Also, if the rest of the track is as nice as half that segment, well, a fair entry fee should go around the 8-900€.

4) The widest choice you can get
As usual for Jeroboam. From 300 km with 9000 D+ for the daring ones to the 37.5 km for who’s willing to enjoy the Dolomites leaving space for activities off the bike too. Maybe bringing along girlfriend or family…and you don’t even have to argue.

5) We are there too
We’ll be there Friday night. And if you met us already at some event you know what we are talking about.

See you there!