Here we go! The Italian super-classic is upon us. We’ve been waiting for it quite long and the Italy Divide is now about to start in Pompei. It’s gonna get off on Saturday, 11.30 AM in Pompei, and it’s gonna be the usual rollercoaster: 1200km and we don’t even know how many meters of climbing in total.

Let’s step back one second. In case you don’t have a clue about the event, here is the video about Mattia’s 2021 Italy Divide. You can see the places it crosses and how it looks like in a nutshell.

The start is in Pompei, to head to Rome, Siena, Firenze, Bologna, Verona and Lessinia before finishing on Garda shores in Torbole. Easy, right? More or less, considering there’s a lot in between, including the tough Via Degli Dei between Firenze and Bologna.

Last year it took place in July – with hot temperatures and dust bieng the main characters – while this year we get back to the usual dates. Temperatures might be milder but there’s a high risk of rain and bad weather. 

Rain or not, Fede Bassis will be at the start alongside 320 other brave souls. Many big names among them – it’s gonna be an interesting competition for sure.

This is the longest event ever for Fede. After riding 700 and 300km races, he wants to go big now. Everything changes when you ride this long but that’s good: there’s a lot to learn and it’s gonna be a great experience for sure. We just have one piece of advice: have fun!

He will ride a quite tested setup: the one we use for long and rough events. The same Mattia used last year. 

Anything to add? Not much. Just wishing a good look to Fede and leaving you a link to the live tracking here.