It’s never at the start or at the finish. Things you will remember always happen on the road in between. Most of the time not even in a specific place you can define. Just in between.

In between race and adventure. Exhaustion and happiness. Day and night. Road and MTB. Competition and party.  What we like always happens in between things you can define.

Diego. In between football player and dancer. In between God and damned soulPanda. In between an old cheap car and a design icon. Autogrill. In between on-the-go lunch break and unmissable stop.

Crazy or not? Competitive athletes or party animals? Too serious or too fun? Riders or influencers? Cool or arrogant? Team or collective? We get these comments on us all the time.

The truth is: we don’t know. We do what we do and we don’t feel the need to define it. We don’t know and we don’t want to know.Because great things always happen in between. And that’s more than enough.  

Enough 2023. In between.