It’s about time! Tomorrow evening – 10 PM – we’re finally off for the first big event of the year!

We’re already in Lanzarote (well, not all of us. Someone is late to the party) for the Granguanche Audax Gravel. What’s that? You can find all the info at this link, but a small summary it’s useful to everybody.

Canaries seem to be a nice place to ride with any kind of bike you prefer. Matteo created three different routes – trail, gravel and road – that cross all the Islands and include the most beautiful segments and the nicest spots. The gpx are available on the website – anyone can download them and ride them any time.

Once a year each of the routes becomes an Audax event. It’s a non-race to be ridden straight to the finish line in one shot. Or better, trying to catch the ferries as soon as possible. The challenge is against them more than against the others.

Five islands, four ferries, 700km and 18K D+. Numbers aside, we can’t wait to start because we have the feeling it’s gonna be awesome!

You can follow the live here starting tomorrow 10PM

We choose some different setups but almost all of us will be riding on Fulcrum Rapid Red Carbon with Pirelli Cinturato M 700x40C. With the easiest gearing option of course: 38 / 10-44.

We will all use a Miss Grape Internode and a Cluster 7, two Buds on the handlebar. That should be enough since we will just bring what’s essential and we will avoid the sleeping bag – just a bivy and some emergency blankets. Hope it will be enough!

Mattia, Manuel and Asja are ready for the solo category, as Fede Damiani is. Still, he said he wants to experiment a bit and we don’t really know what to expect. Frank and Fede B will team up as a pair instead. 

A couple of thoughts from the riders before we turn our Garmin on and we leave!

About time to ride in a warm place and for a long time. I’m not sure if it’s me but I haven’t seen the sun yet here in Lanzarote. Can’t wait to start together with Fede. We’re an unpredictable pair. Let’s see what happens.

First experience in a pair, first time in the Canary Islands. I’m very curious and really looking forward to doing this. I’m ready!

I’ve been riding with a merino jersey and leg warmers for months. Now I’m here on the Islands and it feels like paradise. I want to push and enjoy these lunar landscapes. The route looks really nice. We will have fun – as long as we get a tailwind.




’ve never wanted to start an event like this time. I can’t wait to leave everything behind and ride for 700km without thinking of anything else. Just enjoying each and every single meter of this adventure. I’m a bit anxious too: 700k are still 700k and everything can happen. Hasta luego!

Finally, the events I like. Riding all day and all night, sleeping where you can, discovering new places. There’s this ferry thing which is quite exciting. It’s gonna be fun to try and catch them. Hola!

First thing is getting to the Canaries, since I’m the only one who’s still in Italy. Then, we’ll try to put the bike together and then maybe – just maybe – I’ll be able to ride. Am I ready? Hell no! Not physically nor for the preparation. Do I need it? Hell yes, I need this for myself for sure.

Hola chicos!