We know. You were waiting for them and here we go. Our grades are ready!

Quite hard to explain what we lived in Girona during the weekend and how we feel home every time we go there. We met many old friends and met new ones. We’re writing this blog post sitting in the Van on our way back to Italy and we miss everything already.

Let’s get to it!

What an event, what a route, what a level! No shit – this is THE race in Europe. We’re living in a time when a new “gravel race” is born every 30 seconds and many of those have no sense at all. Please check The Traka out because this should be the reference. The right distances and the right format for everybody to have fun: those racing, those just riding easy. And also for those who are following the race from home. GOLD STANDARD. GRADE: 10/10

As above. Eveything is perfect. They organise things better than some UCI 1.1 races. The village is super and alive for two days, there’s a marshal at every junction, there are motorbikes following and there are many other events surrounding the race. Not to mention the media coverage. WORLD KLASS. GRADE: 10/10

He gets to Girona and we immediately understand he’s here taking things quite seriously. No, we’re not talking about the race. Three days hunting girls in the City. Just kidding – on Saturday he sets out for the big hunt and he gets back with quite a big trophy in his hands. We’re getting used to this and we run the risk to think what he does it’s easy. Well. It’s not. SNIPER. GRADE 10/10

We love this guy! Such a great cyclist, such an awesome human being.
He is taking care of Team Amani all weekend long, he races super hard and he gets a mechanical problem that takes him out from the battle with Mattia. He comes to the finish line with a smile and cheering on Mattia nevertheless. Please, give us a Lachlan at every race, at every event, at every ride we do. Every day. A positive person that makes you smile. LUCKY TO HAVE MET LACKY.  GRADE 10/10

We’ve been watching this guy for a while. It was his first long distance race and you can tell it. Not because he lacks experience – just because he looks so young that you could tell he is 20 or something like that. Well – Diedrick – let us give you a piece of advice. Just stop doing long races if you want to keep looking young. If you don’t care and you’re fine with looking 10 years older every two months, let’s keep in touch. We’ve your number and you have ours. BENJAMIN BUTTON. GRADE: 10/10

If we feel home in Girona that’s mainly thanks to him. We don’t actually know what he exactly does for a living – we just know he does beautiful things and he knows everybody. And everybody loves him. MI CASA ES TU CASA. GRADE 10.

Rooftop, beers and bbq: the triathlon we love. True athletes go to bed early after eating rice the night before a race. We were at Jan’s for a party. So what? TRUE CHAMPION. GRADE 10/10

4 people, 7 bikes, 20 square meters. You do the math. The toilet is in the room where Frank sleeps (no door in between), two are sleeping in the living room. In three minutes we turn it in a complete mess and there’s no way out. The bikes are stored on the fridge, the tools are next to the TV, the wheels are in the closet. FLAT.ZIP . GRADE 2/10

Mother and father of the event. And we should say we feel like they’re our auntie and uncle too. We set foot in Girona and we’re immediately invited to a party at their place. And then – of course – they take care of us all weekend long. FEELS LIKE FAMILY. GRADE 10/10

Yes, there’s social “ride” of the event too and we can’t miss it. We set out by bike and at some point we find kayaks. We’re not good on a bike, we found out we’re way worse on a kayak. We prefer crossing rivers than rowing in them – but it was fun to try! ONCE AND NEVER AGAIN. GRADE 10/10

She wins the 360 as expected, overtaking Virginia in the second part. Consistency and experience at their finest. DIESEL V12. GRADE 10/10

We met her while she was taking pictures and making videos. A calm and smiley girl. This weekend she was racing the 200km and WOW! How competitive and punchy she is – final sprint included in the price. DR SAMI AND MISS SAURI. GRADE 10/10

His moustache is trending topic in Girona right now. Way more than La Fabrica’s coffees and the Old Town Bridge. Everything in Girona is beautiful, but Franco is just another level.
He is beautiful but there’s more. Ok, he crashes as he usually does here in Girona, but Il Baffo is riding strong in a 200Km which was just insanely intense. At km 120, approaching the last climb, he is in the first group. He then finishes in the Top 20 earning a well deserved lunch at the finish line, where he tries to make it up with all the feed zones missed during the race. Going back to the appartment (where he actually sleeps in the bathroom and no, we’re not kidding) he eats a full Nutella jar with a fork. STAY HUNGRY STAY FRANCO. GRADE 10/10

We just arrive in Girona and unload the Van when our BBQ disappears. We had great plans for the village and they are gone. We just home it’s gonna rain every time you want to use it. WE’LL FIND YOU. GRADE 0/10

She gets to Girona with a light that’s not working and no spare tubes with her. She enrols in the Enough crash course with Mattia and Fede on Friday. Saturday she gets the second place in the 360km. GRAVEL FOR DUMMIES. GRADE 10/10

Her pictures are the usual best, of course. This time she takes also care of the live content. Most of all, she gets to Girona in her best shape and she steels some KOMS from the pros living here. Just keep an eye on her, because if she leaves the camera home it’s gonna be easy to find her racing in the peloton. ANNEMIEK REDASCHI. GRADE 10/10

Finally we saw her debut in the Enough jersey! We couldn’t wait any longer.
We welcomed her in Girona (our top athlete got there by plane of course) very warmly. We couldn’t wait to see her racing but most importantly to spend a great weekend together.
She did great – even though there’s a couple of things to get sorted too. For example we forgot to tell that in this events you should keep all your bottles with you. Throwing them at photographers on the side is not a good idea. We don’t know what she was thinking but that was definitely an highlight of the weekend. PRO ATTITUDE. GRADE 10/10

Unsupported means unsupported. Un-supported. There’s only one rule, let’s just try to respect it. If you want people handing out bottles on the road just go to granfondos. JUST NO. GRADE 2/10

His shape reminds a bit of Ronaldo. Not Cristiano, the other one. Not when he used to play, but right now. He finishes the 360km anyway at 1AM. His shape is to blame, but also Mattia plays a big role in him being late in Girona. When Mattia crosses the line his phone goes on fine. He sets an office on the trail, editing and distributing pictures and posting on the Enough account on the go. SMART WORKING. GRADE 10/10

He is a photographer and he asks a spot in our car for Sunday. He probably regrets it after 10 second – he’s sharing the car with Fede, Fede and Chiara risking 20 crashes. It’s probably time for sainthood for him. ST. MORITZ. GRADE 10/10

Another great guest of our media crew on Saturday. That means more hours and more time with Fede and Chiara wondering what went wrong in his life to be there with them. WON’T DO IT ANY LAENGNER. GRADE 10/10.

And we finally met her! We knew already, but damn she’s strong! First time on gravel and she almost get the big prize on the 200km. Just a mechanical takes her out. She said she prefers cyclocross and that the race was a bit too long. No worries Sophie, it’s just a matter of time and you won’t be able to stop anymore. IN THE LONG RUN WE’RE ALL ULTRA-RIDERS. GRADE 10/10

Energy and good vibes. Pure joy. We just hope to see you soon again, more and more often. Both in Europe and in Africa. Everywhere. If you’re not following them, please do it! IT’S TIME FOR AFRICA. GRADE 10/10

20 years old and he already did more stuff than all of us combined. Pictures, videos. Riding, not riding. Projects, documentaries. Congrats! Super great guy. ALL YOU CAN FINLEY. GRADE 10/10

He closed the Italy Divide on Thursday. He is on a plane to Girona on Friday. He drives the media car on Saturday and Sunday. It’s like a triathlon with 4 hours sleeps in between. We just love this guy. ULTRA-LIVING. GRADE 10/10

The father of the Gabba stats the 360 km with clear ideas. A stop with a seafood dinner already booked in Roses, a good sleep and an easy second day. Classy rider. SMITTY (GREAT) STUFF. GRADE 10/10

It’s nice to see him here after he was forced off the bike after Granguanche. Great rider and gentleman. BACK TO BUSINESS. GRADE 10/10

Usually he doesn’t even dress in a cycling kit for such a short 360km distance. It’s definitely not his kind of race but he’s always super strong and it’s always a pleasure to meet him. He’s also quite skilled with the kayak. DO IT ALL-RICH. GRADE 10/10

And that’s all folks. As usual, it’s really not possible to mention everyone who was involved in this awesome weekend. But we just want to thank everyone who was involved and made it so great.

More content from The Traka is coming. Brace yourself!

Pictures: Chiara Redaschi, Atleticaffairs