It’s been a while! We struggled a bit to keep up with the blog posting lately but you can understand it wasn’t easy, considering how intense this year was and all the behind the scenes that’s happening right now.

We can’t end the year without the usual grades nevertheless. So here we are! 2022 was quite an incredible year. We travelled in four continents and most of all we met incredible people all over the World. It’s pretty impossible to mention everyone but we will try our best. And we want to thank everyone for what we lived together!

See you in 2023!

We are already pretty used to see the guy win The Traka, to see him in the breakaway at Unbound and in the savana in Kenya. Those things don’t surprise us anymore. Seeing him dance, bare chest, at Memory is something we were not used instead. But here we go, finally he got those skills too. ALL ROUNDER. GRADE 10/10.

He starts the year with an Oscar-worth acting performance. He shows up at Granguanche then with no training and gets to the finish easy and fresh. A broken fork screws his plan to do the same at Silk Road but we know he will get there. It’s just a matter of time. UNFINISHED BUSINESS. GRADE 9/10

At the beginning of the season he can’t pedal for physical issues and his shape is way below any acceptable levels. He spends all year trying to get back to a decent form and to get ready for his main event of the year at Silk Road. End of the year we realise he lost more hair for his role as Team Manager than kilos for his role as Enough rider. Honestly, we won’t judge him for this. OLD BUT GOLD. GRADE 9/10

The last-minute guy, the desperate-situations guy, the guy who rode more Jeroboam than the ones that have been organised. The guy that – we don’t know how’s possible – all women want. Philosophical, contradictory, inexplicable. In one word: FEDERICO BASSIS. GRADE 10/10

After the pizza shooting we had to match the offer from Brazzers. They wanted him to be their main porn actor for 2023, but luckily we managed to keep him for next year too. Do we really need to say why we love Franco? Really? Of course not, we just want to add he’s the first person who got disqualified in an official gravel competition in the World. FRANCO THE SCUMBAG. GRADE 10/10

There can’t be Enough without Asja. For work reasons she could not be as present as she wanted, but when she is there is pretty impossible to replace her. Beside everything else, this year she also bike packed alone to Berlin – a first time that we’re pretty sure it’s just a beginning. Only thing missing is a second attempt to finish Badlands with Fede. Only defect is her love for triathlon, but we will work on that. TRIATHL-NO. GRADE 9/10

It happened in the blink of an eye as next year Sperry will leave Enough to focus on treating the Pros with her cooking skills. One year was Enough nevertheless: The Traka, Unbound and Migration. In the first one she still had to figure out that you can’t throw bottles to the people on the road, in the second one she had to figure out how to fix a flat. The third one was so good that she even won it! We’re pretty sure she will be back at it at some point. SHOOTING STAR. GRADE 9/10.

During the trip to Flanders she finished easy days completely devastated. At the end of the season she rode alone from Italy to Turkey and when she was back home she had Annemiek Van Vleuten’s numbers. 50 SHADES OF SISA. GRADE 9/10.

New entry in 2022. First approach he’s shy and serious guy but after Granguanche we realized we couldn’t get a better new rider for Enough. As much a strong rider as a funny guy when he’s not on the bike. Quite a year for him, including a four hours penalty at Trans Balkan Race that we will never forget. TOO FAST FOR POLIZIA. VOTO +4

After a couple of years of “easy” events, this year she was in charge of the content in the Balkans and she didn’t disappoint. After that one she doesn’t fear nothing and she’s ready for more adventures behind her camera even if we’re not sure she wants to keep working with us after all this crazy things. Also because she’s becoming too strong on the bike and she might consider going full time rider. MULTI TASKING. GRADE 10/10.

We called him on the phone proposing to do a non-better-identified work in the Balkans. Instead of getting suspicious he jumped on a Caddy and drove the Balkans peninsula chasing Manuel on road that were clearly not suited for a Volkswagen Caddy. THE TRUE BALKANS ROLLERCOASTER. GRADE 10/10.

New sponsor of 2022: in the first months of the year the guys probably keep asking themselves what the hell they were thinking when they agreed on supporting us. Strade Bianche and some rides together just work the magic and it’s true love ever since. They are taller, blonder and in many cases stronger than us. We have one thing in common tho – we’re not exactly normal. PAS NORMAL, FOR REAL. GRADE 10/10.

Altro nuovo sponsor del 2022 e anche qui cosa dobbiamo dire. Niente, semplicemente niente. KASK-ATI IN PIEDI. VOTO 10.

Our supporter in Kyrgyzstan. Our James Dean on the home trails. Our podcaster. Our interviewer. Our guy. We just want Claudio at every event we will attend in 2023. WHENEVER, WHEREVER. GRADE 10/10

While we are riding around the World she’s patiently putting together the first edition of the Memory Bike Festival. While we would have fucked everything up with suppliers, location, scheduling, she keeps control of everything and does the job. LAW AND ORDER. GRADE 10/10

He’s brave enough to organise the first Gravel World Championship with few information available and many question marks. He’s even more brave to let us park our Jeep at the finish line, next to MVDP and Sagan’s van. Thanks for the trust. VIP. VERY IMPORTANT PIPPO. GRADE 10/10.

Pictures from the Canaries, Checkpoint crew in Kansas, mechanical assistance in Iceland, host in Girona. Everything you can imagine and more from a person who travels the World with you. So many skills, always on point. DO IT YOUR SAMI. GRADE 10/10.

We helped her in her first gravel long event at The Traka and from there on she’s been apparently liking it a lot. We’ve already seen some of her plans for next year and we are pretty happy she will keep being around. Virginia, just know you will host us in Liguria and teach us how to ride an MTB. EXCHANGE OF FAVORS. GRADE 10/10

We met her at the Memory Bike. We invited her for a bikepackign once. We walked for hours, we got at the hut at night after quite some adventures and she wasn’t even mad at us. Actually, she said she had fun. It wasn’t a test, but she passed it full grades. ENOUGH? GRADE 10/10

Few things were able to stop Mattia on his bike, and most of those involve some sort of mechanical failure. If we leave those out, also two persons were able to do the job: the guy who stole his bike in Vicenza and Nelson Trees with the Silk Road route. Let’s see how’s gonna end up at the Atlas Mountain Race in February. REMATCH. GRADE 10/10.

We met Jimbo in Badlands in 2021 and at the Silk Road this year. We just love this guy and we just realised Safi – his nickname – means “Enough”. MORE THAN SAFI. GRADE 10/10

If there’s an ultra race you don’t even need to check: you will find Nils at the start. No matter if it’s Kyrgyzstan, Kansas, Girona or Bilbao. Ultra and Nils go hand in hand. Nils and great pictures go hand in hand too. CERTAINTY. GRADE 10/10

We just challenge you to find someone like Jannik. He gets to Siena with his Van to ride with us, he rides the Jeroboam 300 as his first gravel event, he drives 500 km to get us our Italian jersey for the Worlds. You don’t know that yet, but most certainly need a Gianni in your life. MANGIA, GIANNI! GRADE 10/10.

He’s the official doctor of Enough cycling, mainly chosen because we share a very high level of bad luck in life. Most of his job is to write prescriptions for blood tests to check why we feel tired and weak after an event, just to find out we’re just tired and weak. DOCTOR BAD LUCK. GRADE 10/10.

He jumps on a bike for the first time in his life to get to the BAM. Total km: 160. Result: tired for the next month. He comes to the Memory Bike as the second ride of his life. Total elevation: 2K. Result: tired for the next month. ENRICO TIRED. GRADE 10/10.

She’s brave to the point she decided to spend her holidays bike packing on Via del Sale with Fede Bassis and Manuel. She’s strong to the point she drops them for three days. Among the other things she also decides to travel to Japan and ride for ten days over there. ROOKIE OF THE YEAR. GRADE 10/10

We’re just so grateful they gave Manuel that +4 hours time penalty as we can mock him for the rest of his days. And also because they organised the Trans Balkan Race. SUPREME COURT. GRADE 10/10

Simply the King and the Queen of European gravel. ROYAL FAMILY. GRADE 10/10

We knew he was one of the best riders out there, we didn’t know he was good at commenting and reporting about the (few) races he doesn’t race like during the Silk Road. ULRICH LETTERMAN SHOW. GRADE 10/10.

So much love for Sofiane and James for the great battle at the Silk Road Mountain Race. And also for spending the first day of it making fun of us because we were not riding a mountain bike. We love you anyways guys. ALMOST FRIENDS. GRADE 10/10.

We could go on for ages but that’s all. We just want to thank everyone who was part of this amazing year and we can’t wait for the 2023 to begin!