Among all the songs about Milano, this verse is probably the one best defining the idea behind the Super Mi 100 loop.

Saturday we covered it with everyone willing to join us and we did it discovering a side of Milano unknown to many. Because you usually head to the suburbs of the city only if you live in it or your job is taking you there. You don’t do it just to discover and understand it. Also, when it’s about cycling – from Milano – you just start and leave the city behind on the shortest way possible, looking for riding in more interesting places.

We choose Girona because we were together for The Traka last year and we both wanted to be back and enjoy such a beautiful place and its great routes, the lovely weather and this kind of cycling atmosphere that make us feel home and welcome. So there we are – booking one way tickets to Girona to spend New Year’s there.

Even if we had the temptation to stay for good, after a couple of days enjoying the city and riding around with Chiara – for once she didn’t have a camera with her -, Alice and Beatrice, the bikes are loaded and we set off to Italy. Together with us our friend Nicola.

The route our trip on komoot of course, trying to include a bit of everything we like: climbs, small hills, coast roads and different surfaces. It’s always a bit scary to trace on the map without knowing where you’re headed but it’s also the fun part of such experiences.

Bags are full and off we go!

Let us be mainstream for once

GIRONA-LE BACARES 195 km 2500 D+ | DAY 1

Easy start with a smile on our faces – just because we don’t know what’s on the menu yet!

The wind makes us understand that it’s not gonna be an easy one. Still we cross incredible places like the natural area of Cap de Creus and its large and white roads on the coast.

You can’t believe this – but I’ve seen Frank flying. Just close to the border with France we experience the strongest wind of our lives. I was scared! We tried to hide next to a building and get the attention of some cars but nothing happens. We stare at each other asking what the fu*k are we gonna do.

Long story short we get back on the bikes trying not to fly away and we try to go on very slowly to reach Le Bacares. First stage done, ending with Pizza, French fries and a night in a closed hotel. The wind blows strong on the windows and we just hope it’s gonna stop by the morning but we know that’s a vain expectation of course.


We immediately understand that’s gonna be quite a Shi**y day.

Seems like we have a plane engine pointed to our faces all the time – Frank says – but there’s not much to do: there are 270km to cover and an accommodation already booked.

France offers miles and miles of cycle paths, both paved and unpaved. We follow the coast, between the sea and small lagoons packed with flamingos, leaving time for a great sandwich too. After that, we enter a parallel universe with no sign of civilization whatsoever until sunset.


Quite a crispy morning with our Garmin saying -6 °C, but the sunrise let us forget our cold feet and hands. Provence is really beautiful but also super hilly. We don’t know that yet but this is gonna be the best day of our trip, with the landscape changing every minute, a great lunch break in a village with a view. How can it get any better?

Snow. That’s what we missed so far. We start going up in the Verdon area. It’s a plateau at altitude with very few villages and a pretty wild nature. It’s so beautiful that even Frank likes climbing here.

Not much to say on this day. It was just wonderful and we may want to keep some of it just for ourselves – don’t blame us! We end the day with some junk food from a supermarket after reaching our host. He is an Argentinian guy who used to live in Nizza and just had enough of the city rhythms and crowds. He takes care of us and cook us dinner while we warm up in from of a fireplace. Do you need much more than this?


We ride a couple of ours in the snow on quite roads till Col de Vence, often featured in Paris-Nice and training ground for many pros. The downhill towards the sea is a great one – one that gives you a great energy!

We ride across Nice and Monaco with its own wealth. After many days in the middle of nowhere it’s nice to pass such places too. In a few hours you realize how differently you can live your daily life.

And then here’s the border with Italy. Home, pasta, coffee and everything else – but mainly food of course.

We get to Sanremo and we think to ride the Milano Sanremo finale (opposite direction) with Poggio and Cipressa. Frank doesn’t say it much but his uncle is a certain Paolo Bettini. He tells us some insider’s stories and it feels like we are living the race ourselves.



We decided to stop in Genova since the beginning, just to have the chance to take a longer route in France and explore more rather then taking the fastest road.

The last stage allows us to recall everything we lived together in these days. Every time even a small trip like this one leaves you something. Most of the time it’s something you can’t describe with words. Whatever it is, it’s enough to be happy!