Frank Bettini

Frank quite easily admits that his threshold is currently set at 2.9 w/kg. Needless to say, the equation  is heavily affected by an important denominator. Still, if we focus on the top part of it for a second, we can  easily realize that we are presented with a heap full of energy and power.

Such energy comes for sure from  the calories Frank does not avoid taking in, but also from the physical forces generated by all the opposites  coexisting in our favorite Bettini: cyclist and pool player, athlete and DJ, cheerful guy off the bike and fairly asshole while racing. 

Frank is going into Enough with the very same preparation for the long distance cycling world he happened to have at the Red Hook crit, when he lined up on the start line without trying a fixed gear bike on tarmac once before. We just can’t  wait to see him tasting this new adventure with the same spirit he approaches everything with: have fun and  keep your mind free. If you win it’s great. If you don’t, fair enough. If you are completely roasted, you are completely roasted. Frank,  if you are cooked, just let us know where you stopped so that we can join you and drink one together. 

That time Frank got into the Red Hook without even trying a fixed gear bike beforehand..

The unconventional enough interview

How long have you been cycled for? What pushed you to do it for the first time?
I gave my first pedal straw when I still hadn’t even learned to walk,  pushed by  my dad Sauro and my uncle  Paolo. 

How would you describe your relationship with bikes?
I had a competitive idea of cycling, but 2020 completely turned me upside-down and lately I’ve discovered a new way of pedaling made of flavours, smells and sunsets. I’ve rediscovered cycling and this time is not made by numbers, worries for your weight, physical or mental stress. Now I see it as an adventure, leading you to discover what surrounds you and pushing you further and further everyday. 

Tell us about your most beautiful ride.
The most beautiful bike ride I had was the first time back in the Dolomites. I was able to enjoy at their fullest the views I never had  the chance to appreciate during my training camps. 

Tell us about that time you felt challenged the most while riding.
It was for sure the second stage of the Tour of Alsace, which ended with the tough La Planche des Belles Filles  climb. It was a hard day that I went through giving my all from the start. 200 Km and almost 5000mt of elevation  gain in French territory. I couldn’t describe it better than by saying A LOT of effort. 

What object do you always carry with you on a ride?
My multi-tools. It’s an essential object in every bike ride 

Complete this sentence: if you come on a bike ride with me be aware that…
…we’ll go slow but we’ll have fun. 

What is your dream cycling event?
I’ve seen the North Classics as a dream since I was a kid: Tour of Flanders and Paris Ruobaix. 

What are your plans for this season? Are there any events you look forward to more than others?
This season my main concern is having fun with my teammates and getting to know the gravel scene even deeper.

What did you say enough to in the past? What do you think you will never say enough to?
In 2019 – after years of races – I decided to stop. Still the desire of a good bike ride will never fade and I will never say enough to it

Well.. sh*t happens I guess

Explain what Enough Cycling is to your grandma.
Grandma, Enough Cycling is pretty straight forward: it’s a group of friends who love riding, they get together and leave to have fun around the world on their bike. 

Your ideal Saturday night? What if it was a weekend?
I love EDM and you could find me in some berliner club vibing to techno music from around the world. 

You have a gap year, how do you spend it?
I would dedicate myself to my passions. Many kms on the bike to find new places by day and lots of music to  make people dance at night. 

Tell us a sentence that represents you.
“Better be dropped full belly than be dropped for a starving crysis”.

Your favorite cyclist or athlete.
That’s a home game. Of course Paolo Bettini, he is my inspiration on and off the bike. 

If you are not out on the bike you are …
…in some random club, dancing with my friends.