Enough apparel finally here!

We are definitely more suited to riding bikes than setting up sales and deliveries. And we like it much more too.

The truth is – on the other hand – we received tons of requests to get an Enough jersey, a pair of socks, a neckwarmer. We started digging into the Italian burocracy and here we are, able to open up a limited edition preorder!

Why a limited edition, you ask?
Pretty simple. Want to be as inclusive as possible, but on the other hand our friends at Sportful have quite a limited production capacity available at the moment. In order to get the apparel ready in an acceptable timing, we decided to release a first drop and follow up with others afterwards.

Simple. You follow the link clicking on the button above, fill in the Google form with the Enough products you want to wear on your adventures.

After the deadline, we check if you ordered before we reached the availability cap. If you did, we will get back with a Paypal link to finalize your order. If not, we will put you on a waiting list and reach out in a while.

You can check the gallery below, but to sum up this first drop is about:

  • 150 Enough Chill Jerseys. Price: 75€
  • 50 Enough Push Jerseys. Price: 95€
  • 30 Back-to-basics Baselayers. Price: 45€
  • Leave-a-mark Socks. Price: 25€
  • Warm-up Neckwarmer. Price: 20€

We keep it short!
Deadline is may 19th. Be fast or prepare to ride naked XD

Simple: just get to Sportful’s size chart here

Shipping cost sucks. Period. But getting your jersey to you comes at a price.

And that price is:

  • 5 € for deliveries in Italy
  • 10 € for deliveries in Europe
  • For deliveries outside Europe we need to get a quote and get back after we know where you’re ordering from. You can then decide whether to finalize your order or not before paying on Paypal. No strings attached.

We all learned to be patient riding bikes. So please be it also in this case. We expect to deliver mid July.

Yes, part of the season will be gone, but you’ll have enough time to look great on your summer holidays and in the best season of all: autumn!

On May 20th – after we close preorders – we’ll get back to you with an answer on whether you ordered before we reached the cap or not and we will give you further instructions.

If your oder is accepted, we will get back to you with a Paypal link. Your order is confirmed only after we receive your transaction, within 48h from the confirmation email.

If your order exceeded the available quantities, we will inform you and put you in a waiting list. You will be notified before we open a second drop, so that you’ll get the chance to order in advance.

What's available?

Enough Chill Jerseys.

Availability: 150 pieces

Price: 75€

Easy fit, row cut sleeves, fresh fabrics. Ideal for chill rides and beer times. The Enough design at the most democratic price we could offer such a technical yet easy piece of apparel!

Enough Push Jerseys

Availability: 50 pieces

Price: 95€

Slim fit, gravel specific. 6 pockets, with the distinctive psychedelic print on the back. Tons of space for supplies and beers after the finish line. The jersey we use in most of our long rides and when we know we will need extra space, just in case.

Back-to-basics Baselayers

Availability: 30 pieces

Price: 45€

The coolest color and fabric, the manifesto printed on the back. To keep what we believe in always with us.

Leave-a-mark Socks

Availability: unlimited

Price: 25€

The most asked piece of the kit, we decided not put limits to the quantities. Two different socks, awesome shades, motherfucking bold logo on the back. What else?

Warm-up neckwarmer

Availability: unlimited

Price: 20€

Versatile AF, cool look as warm feeling.