There are so many events out there that nowadays it could be difficult to choose one or more to dive into. Then there are seasons that start a bit late and you might find yourself in March with the grit and desire to pedal but most of the events have been sold out for a while.

So here we took the trouble to summarize the 5 competitive and non-competitive events that are still open and that you can still register for to start putting some fixed points on the calendar. We tried to include something for every taste, every style, and every level of preparation. We like them all, then it’s up to you!


New event and new interesting concept in one of the most incredible areas to ride with a gravel bike or an MTB. Starting from Mandelieu in France and finishing in Crans Montana in Switzerland, 700 km and 18K D+, for an event defined as “semi-supported”. Basically it’s a race in which at every checkpoints you can find food and gear that you dropped off to the organizers at the start. The result is something that resembles a bit to Ultra-trail races, but on a bicycle crossing insane military and dirt roads between Italy and France. If that’s not enough to convince you, just be aware that you’ll end up by the sea – which in summer is always a good idea – within a Festival that reminds us a lot of the concept of our Memory Bike and therefore should be a good bit of fun.

Suitable for: experienced riders willing to challenge themselves on a demanding route that fully rewards all the effort. For us, Fede Bassis will go, probably on an MTB.

Where: Mandelieu, France

When: 16th of July

Price: 429 CHF


Of course, we recommend it because we want to see as many people as possible on our roads and trails at home. Last year we were threatened by storms and dreadful weather, this year we’ve booked the sun and it’s going to be even more awesome. Just ask those who did it in 2023 to understand the spirit and charm of the route… and the final party.

We can’t give a score to ourselves here, but we can definetly judge the 700 km and 22K D+ of the route and they get a 10 our of 10.

Suitable for: riders who want a taste and an introduction to adventure in the style of the Silk Road and Atlas Mountain Race but in a more “European” context, and riders who want a complete experience between epic routes and a party with a highly enthusiastic community waiting at the finish line.

Where: Veneto, Italy

When: 9th of July

Price: 300€

Migration Gravel Race

It’s no secret that it’s one of our favorite events and more of a life experience than a stage race. Cycling in the savannah is a unique experience, sleeping and living all together in a traveling tent camp even more so. Add to that the culture and contact with locals and landscapes out of the ordinary, and you get an event you’ll never forget.

The stages vary in length but are still manageable in a day for any rider with a good training base. Pay attention to the terrain, it’s not exactly the gravel of American dirt roads or embankments.

The entry cost isn’t low but it’s all-inclusive: once you arrive in Nairobi, you won’t have any other expenses to incur because everything is already included in your participation.

Suitable for: riders who want to compete at a high level or people who want to experience something that is between an experience and an adventure. It’s not important to finish first: the Migration will be an unforgettable experience regardless of the result.

Where: Maasai Mara, Kenya

When: June 18 – 21

Price: 1699€

Nova Eroica Prosecco Hills

We propose this event for two reasons. The first: we have always cycled and trained on the hills of Prosecco near home, but lately, we have been liking them more and more – maybe it was the World Championships or who knows. The second: it’s a very “democratic” event and accessible to everyone thanks to the timed segments and the relatively manageable distances and elevations.

Combining the two things, it seems more than fair to propose Nova Eroica Prosecco to those who want to try diving into the competition, maybe for the first time, without forgetting to do it in a magical landscape and place.

We will be there, of course, and we’ll see you at the finish for a relaxing glass of Prosecco and to try to leave as the last ones, as often happens.

Where: Veneto, Italy

When: April 28

Price: 65 – 85€

Ranxo Gravel

It’s the final of the Gravel Earth Series, but above all, it offers a truly interesting route. Located in Catalonia, but not limited to Girona, it provides an excellent opportunity to discover a lesser-known cycling area in Spain.

We’ve visited twice before and always come back willingly to end the season on a high note. With this year’s level skyrocketing, we’re quite certain that all the strongest (and coolest) figures from the international gravel scene will be there.

Where: Catalonia, Spain

When: October 12, 13

Price: 60 – 95€

Nova Eroica Buonconvento - Epic Route

Nova Eroica has just added a 290 km route for the stage in Buonconvento, and we really like the idea. It’s a non-competitive track, perfect for cycling over two days and stopping somewhere for dinner and the night: the choice is yours whether to stay in an agriturismo or bring a tent and camp somewhere.

We’ll do it because we’ve already cycled a lot in this area but we can never get enough of the hills and white roads around Siena.

Where: Buonconvento, Italy

When: June 22

Price: 60 – 80€

Memory Bike Festival

Same as before, but this time we’re confident enough to say it ourselves: it’s going to be awesome. Get ready because all the details will be out very soon, and we’ll be opening registrations for the Festival. It’s happening on July 12-14, and the format is pretty well-established: cycling during the day, partying at night, and camping under the stars. Last year was truly epic, and this year we’re expecting even bigger things. We’re pulling out all the stops to ensure we deliver an unforgettable event.

When: July 12-14


We don’t think there’s much to say here except that you absolutely can’t miss BAM in any way, and we defend those June dates from other events as if it was World Championship weekend. The format is very simple: at BAM! nothing happens, but everything is going on. There’s our favorite concert and all the friends we wish we could have with us every weekend of the year.

It’s a weekend where you don’t cycle a lot, but one that makes you want to cycle for the next six months because at BAM! you meet people of all kinds who inspire and share beautiful ideas.

Where: Mantova, Italy

When: June 7-9

Price: 20€


With heavy hearts, we regret to inform you that we won’t be at Pavè this year as we’re all in Girona for The Traka. However, as advocates for bikes as the heartbeat of urban mobility, we’re determined to touch base in Venice nonetheless, and we will ride Aspettando Pavè  on April the 13th. Let’s meet there, and if you’re not in Girona for The Traka, be aware that heading to Venice for Pavè is the next best thing for that weekend.

There’s a festival with fascinating speakers, and weekend rides offer the chance to explore the lagoon together, a rare and beautiful experience. So while we won’t be there, if you’re in Italy, Pavè is an event not to be missed.

Where: Venezia, Italy

When: April 13, May 3-5

Price: 0€ – 50€

Mongolia Bikepacking

This is not a standard event, but we’re including it anyway because it’s truly worth it and we still have a few spots available. If you want to savor a bike adventure that makes your eyes sparkle and (probably) changes your life, but you don’t feel ready yet to face it independently, this is the perfect solution for you.

We’re heading to Mongolia together, us, you, and Willy Mulonia – who’s traveled the world on a bike and feels at home in Mongolia – and we’ll pedal together for 8 days.

We’ll sleep in tents and Ger Camps, and we’ll travel for 8 days together in semi-supported mode. What does it mean? It means we’ll pedal together and bring everything we need with us: we’ll always be side by side for any eventuality and to marvel together at the wonders of Mongolia. We’ll be almost autonomous, but for added safety and comfort, we’ll also have a support vehicle that will only appear in case of actual need. For everything else, it’ll just be us and the endless expanses of Mongolia.

In short, it’s a real adventure but with all the safety and assistance necessary for those who want to start experiencing these incredible experiences. One warning: they’re addictive!

Where: Mongolia

When: July 20 – August 2

Price: 2800€

Anything we’re missing? Where are we gonna meet?

See you on the road!