Just to avoid once again being too conventional, when we asked Sisa to answer a couple of questions she went like – screw the interview! Give me some space and I’ll write whatever I like. Fine with us! We don’t want to close anyone in any cage.

So there you go. Here her stream of consciousness on what happened and what’s gonna happen!

I was riding with Mattia, he contacted me to ride a few miles together while I was crossing Italy with my dog Brigitta on the bike. I actually didn’t understand quite well who he was but I heard about him quite some times. I thought he was someone living the bike like me, travelling and backpacking without asking himself many questions.

I saw him riding at my slow – still, wonderful to me – pace without any complaint whatsoever. He was quite curious about me carrying a dog with my bike and he asked a ton of questions while smiling. At some point he was on the phone and I heard him saying: “she is a tough girl!”

Only later I discovered that Fede was on the line and they were considering having me in the Collective. We had a video call a few days later and when they asked me I immediately said yes. And “holy crap” right after the conversation was done.

I was fast in the decision but I didn’t think about the fact I’m quite different from them. I definitely don’t like to pin a number on my back and go back to the racing mood. But this is exactly the point: I have what they miss and each and everyone of them has something that I miss too. This what being part of Enough means to me and very proud to be in.

2021 was a year full of changes for me. I rode a lot the year before and I felt quite trapped in my new life choices. But who cares? Riding is my safety net and even though I didn’t reach all the goals I set at the beginning I jumped on a bike every minute I could.

Sometimes to feed my curiosity, sometimes because I owed it to me and to the guys. At the end of the season I even got into a gravel race. It makes me laugh so much! Sisa racing gravel! You wanna laugh too? I got second in the end.

I chose the short one, just to leave Mattia Mattia’s things. I look up more to Asja and I love riding with Jacopo.

Frank and Fede are quite a good duo: I follow them from away and I’m very close to them when it comes to eating and having fun together.

I had some tough moments too and I even thought of getting out to leave some room for another person. But I wanna challenge myself more and I’ll never have Enough of that. The upcoming season is about to start and I finally have some clear ideas on it. Maybe I won’t get medals but I’ll get amazed and I’ll love riding in amazing places. Let’s see where my bike is about to bring me.