To be honest – we don’t know how many events Jacopo will be able to start in 2022: some say he was banned from many of the villages he attended this year. One way or the other, we will bring him wherever we can because it can be true performance of the bike is not always a priority but our presence would be so much more understated without. Since we like to be noticed, we are proud to say Jacopo will ride in purple in 2022 too. Even with some quite ambitious goals.

You survived 2021, now time to think about 2022…I have two big focuses for the upcoming season and of course they are one the opposite of the other, just as I like.

The one I’m more concerned about is the Bam! The past year I arrived at the appointment in great shape and the jury gave me a solid 9. I hope to do a sans-faute this time, although odds are still against me. 

The second one is a nice little ride in Kyrgyzstan, also known as the Silk Road Mountain Race. Please allow me two minutes of serious talking here: this would be a dream come true, for real. I can’t wait to be in the middle of those huge mountains – just me, them and my bike. I’m sure some empty space and broad horizons will make me feel amazing.

Are you ready?
Let’s say that I like to think I’m ready for everything and most of the time feeling ready is good enough to make it through. Truth is that life is slowly trying to get me and during winter I wasn’t able to cycle much. But I’m not ready to give up. I still feel the urge to jump in adventures and I’m sure I will soon be back and ready to stand a season that will surely be full of challenges.

Let’s take a step back. What do you see looking back at your 2021?
I see a year worth a dozen. So many things happened I can tell you it’s hard for me to recall how life was before all this. I look at the routine I used to follow back in the days with joy and pride but I must say that 2021 is probably the year that carried the biggest accomplishment.

At the beginning of last year Enough was just an idea and as such it risked never seeing the light. Nonetheless we took a leap and it’s been amazing vibing at the same frequencies with other people and carrying over a project that is bringing a lot of emotions in our lives. A bicycle would definitely be enough to feel all this but I’m pretty sure Enough played a key role to help me express my personality and meet a bunch of people I can deeply relate to. I’m considering all this as great luck and I hope many others will be able to enjoy it. 

Do you have something to say about the future too?
Future looks like a mess I can’t wait to confront. Of course there is a lot of uncertainty and sometimes I’m scared of it – I hope it’s normal – but if I take a breath and I look around me there is no fear able to last: I see that we are growing quickly as individuals, without losing any grit. Enough is definitely a key element and this builds up good hopes for the times to come. It’s a great bunch of people that are so unique and different but at the same time they are there to support each other and make sure everyone is expressing his or her best. With these premises I feel so ready for the next challenges.

Many people report that you are talking about a new kind of event that will change the cycling world forever. Are they crazy or do you have something to say about it?
Hey, for now is a topic I’m ready to talk about face to face, better if in front of a cold beer. 

It doesn’t happen all the time of course, but I see many events related to the gravel scene or the cycling world in general are not easily accessible and they are pretty dry from a social standpoint. Usually we arrive on the start line, wave at each other and that’s it, when I’m done with my ride my friends are already on their trip back home. I would like to change all this. The dream is being part of an event that is a real party from start to finish and after it’s over. If this could happen without paying a ton of money we made it! Please raise your voice if we think the same way and let’s create the solution we need. A couple of ideas are there already!