We don’t know how to handle the talk with Fede because we could start from many different points of view and from many things that happened to him in 2021. We try to ask him a few questions without much chit-chatting. 

How was the first year with Enough?
What do you mean by first year?

We don’t know how else we can ask this one… one year has passed since Enough started.
Ouch, I thought it’s been at least four. Or better, I think I aged four years in one – like cats or dogs, I don’t even remember. We did so many things and these eight fellas dressed in purple gave me quite a lot of work to do – definitely not easy to manage this bunch of unpredictable persons!

Truth is, I didn’t sleep that much but I dreamt so big. Starting this project up together with Mattia and Jacopo was not easy at all and for sure it was not granted. I hope you can see the enthusiasm from outside, but it was a huge effort to make this happen. We did it and we do it with a smile on our face and I feel privileged because we found something to put our heart and soul into. When you can’t avoid thinking or doing stuff even if it means working until 2AM it means you’re on the right path.

That said, I lost quite some hair and many turned white. If you have a solution for that please let me know.

Which ones were the key moments?
The start, for sure. Everything came together quite naturally, without forcing anyone to do anything and it was not something foregone. Everybody did what they did because they felt like it, not because we or anybody forced them to do it. Enough is just a container, and what’s inside it is the most precious thing of this project. We live in a World in which everybody talks about content and storytelling, even if that means they need to invent and tell the untruth. The members of the Collective are the most important content of our container. We just need to tell what happens – and that’s already enough. I’m so grateful for that.

Any other personal moment that left a mark on you?
Of course, as a matter of fact the first answer was not about me and my experiences. If I think of them I can say each and everyone of those had its role, from the biggest to the smallest one: they all are steps of a stairway. Some are taller, some are subtle. They all make sense nevertheless when you put them one after the other and they make you grow and learn more about yourself, about the world, about other people who can change you. This is what bike experiences are to me: steps of a personal stairway. If at some point you feel like you reached a hallway, that’s the moment you need to start questioning yourself. 

If I go back to my last year, there’s no doubt the North Cape 4000 was a crucial one. It was a confusing time for me and twelve days by myself digging inside my soul helped me to understand quite a lot of things and make decisions.

I want to mention Badlands too, which was completely different. I learned how beautiful it is to share a bit of suffering and how responsible you feel when a person trusts you and follows us in such adventures. I learned another lesson there, which is that there are limits you can’t overcome. Sometimes you need to say enough and there’s nothing wrong in doing it. I just need to thank Asja who shared this strong experience with me.

What do you say about this 2022?
The second LP is always the most difficult in an artist’s career. It’s the chorus of an Italian song and I think is true in any case and not only for musicians and singers. I take this 2022 with that in mind and with a strong sense of responsibility.

Luckily things are going quite well and we can take a few steps forward – like traveling and reaching other Continents. It’s crucial that we keep the enthusiasm and the way we did things in 2021, without forcing anything or anyone and without taking all this too seriously. We just need to keep doing what we like the way we like it.

Where will we find you then?
Probably in my bed because I need to catch up with some sleep. Just kidding. I’d like to keep my plans for myself for now. I can say I hope you will find me riding a lot. This winter I had so many problems and I rode very little. I understood once again that I can’t feel good without riding – I was not feeling right, I was working bad and I was feeling low. This is the reason why I want to ride a lot – to keep balance and to be happy. I really believe that a bike is enough to be happy, even more so after these couple of months!