We were close to losing her in the middle of a desert in September and into the snow in October, but despite everything she decided to stay with us for 2022 too. How proud and happy to have her among us is hard to explain.

She says that in the past months she changed a lot as a person. What has never changed is that easy going way to face adversity, always with a smile on her face. We can’t wait to find her again around the world while challenging herself in tough situations and incredible places – her calendar will allow her to do it in style, with great rematches and new experiences!

It’s been 10 months since the first time you wore the Enough jersey for the first time. Anything to say about that?

Everything happened so fast! It feels like yesterday we were meeting for the first time riding to Sam’s lodge on Monte Grappa. At the same time, it feels like ages ago. A lot has changed in my life and so have I!

Tell us more!

When I was a pro I could have never imagined I was able to pedal for 700 km. When they used to tell me to go for a 5 hours ride I couldn’t stand it. Now, the more time I spend on my bike, the happier I am. Also all that anxiety I used to feel facing of a problem back in the days is gone, leaving space to the awarness that problems are there as they should but so are solutions – they are to be found too. Keeping your composure and a positive mindset you can overcome way more than what you think. I’ve changed a lot on these matters.

Any regrets?
Not at all. If Could go back I would stop racing earlier and jump on adventures as soon as possible.

Would you consider 2021 a smooth ride then?
Well, not so quick. During the past year I had some pretty tough moment to handle too and many times I found myself pedaling and wondering “why the hell I’m doing this?” And I must say that in the middle of the desert with a temperature of 50°C, descending Monte Grappa in the snow or in many others situations I couldn’t find an answer. But once home everything always make sense again: we do it to open our eyes, look at wonderful places and, ultimately, we do it to grasp the real value of those many little and wonderful things which are part of our lives and we often take for granted. After an effort in the desert heat, a mild August afternoon at 35°C has a completely different taste. This is just an example but I could go on and on for days!

Tell us about the good now! Would you share with us some highlights of the past season?
I made so many memories it’s hard to pic but I would say that the strongest memory is the first ride with the other guys. I was really hesitant at first – I didn’t know well nobody and I wasn’t sure the Enough project would have fit my expectations. But the day turned into a blast after just a few hours and I could tell right away I was in the right place with the right people. That day I learned the meaning of “flow” and also that my friends have it and so do I 🙂

Let’s talk about an event of which you were the mastermind: the weekend with the women pros in Asiago.
I shyly pitch the idea to some friends and old teammates at first, but  I wasn’t that confident about their willingness to be part of it. Nonetheless many girls showed up and the day of the event I could feel a lot of pressure on me: the weather forecast was sh*t, it was the first experience off-road on a gravel bike for several girls  and on top of this the other Enough guys are not easily predictable and sometimes they’re a bit too much to handle – meaning that everything could have happened! Truth is that everything did happened during those two days but we are all still alive and it seems the girls had a lot of fun. Or at least this is what they told me!

Is it true an Olympian was there too?
Of course my sister Soraya was there and I can tell you she had a great time. So great that after that weekend she stole my bike to tackle some dirty roads by herself and the week after we raised the bar participating to the Memory Gravel. Allright, I think at some point she wanted to kill me for this! The route was way tougher than expected, we arrived at the checkpoint on the dark without bike lights, after a descend that would have been smarter skiing than biking. To understand how freezing cold was that night just know that after 27 years without any notable manifestations of love, Soraya and I slept hugged to each other all night. Oh and I melt my Vans on the fire, trying to warm up my feet…

Any goals and expectations for the upcoming season
Nothing at all. I would take whatever the journey will put on my way, without stressing about it. The goal is just have fun and enjoy all the good experiences and places I’ll be able to ride in.