We are realizing so many things are happening on our US trip, we probably won’t be able to share them all! We are also realizing that we are needing all the different bikes we have for this one from crits to gravel races to mountain bike adventures. No better time to show you our bikes in detail then!


We’ve seen the bikes for Unbound. Now it’s time for a little throwback to Austin. Remember the Driveway series? The Crit race we did a couple weeks ago? Here we go with the bikes Mattia and Frank used back then.

Frank’s Basso Diamante SV

The best option for a criterium that is all about speed and sprinting. The Basso Diamante SV is our aero bike of choice. Its geometry coupled with the Levita integrated handlebar is just the perfect set up for a super fast race. We did the rest of the job putting together the best gear to give Frank the best weapon to test himself in the Driveway series.

For wheels he used the brand new Fulcrum Speed 42s that we tested here in Austin for the first time as they just launched a few weeks prior. We are not doing a technical review – you can find everything online so we will be super quick: the new design is just amazing. How do they roll? They are just as fast as they are beautiful and beautiful they sure are.

Pirelli Pzero Velo TLR 28mm are the tyres we choose. Tubeless: the only option we have known the past two years.


No doubts on the groupset either: Campagnolo Super Record EPS in its 53-39 / 11-32. Saddle: Fizik Vento Argo 00 Adaptive – the same one we use on all the bikes we have regardless of the discipline. Bottle Cages: Elite Prism instead.

Mattia’s Basso Astra

When our friends at Basso launched the new Astra they said it’s a bike capable of handling all kinds of situations, from bikepacking to racing. We tested it in one of the most hostile environments for an endurance bike.

Same wheels, groupset and saddle as Frank’s Diamante. Mattia’s comment? Fast and comfortable, a great do-it-all bike that can easily handle a crit race even. Just the right bike for someone who likes to do a bit of everything like us.