Let’s be honest: we don’t really know what to say about BAM for several different reasons. The main one being that trying to write about all the things that happened around the Lausen refuge last weekend would be a tough task even for the finest writer. Just immagine for us who are barely capable of putting together a subject and a predicate.

Getting to the BAM! be like

For real, it’s hard to understand where to start. Maybe from telling about the mind-blowing heap of tents? The Saturday night concert? The journey tales we shared in front of a beer? The people we met, some of them for the first time, some others after a long time?

Well, one thing is clear. BAM! is one of those events which make you cycle to the office Monday morning with a huge smile on your face. It has been one of those events that we wish we could do at least once a month. It’s been that event which lightens your mind and your heart and at the same time grows in you questions, doubts and a bunch of thoughts. Because when you meet some people and you hear some stories you really start thinking what is keeping you from doing the same.

At the end of the day, BAM! is that event that makes you sleep very little and makes you dream very big and it’s that place where we felt at home despite the fact that we slept on a field without the need of a tent. Because there is no place in this World where you can feel harder that a bike is enough to be happy. People with a Graziella and people with super bikes, people in groups and alone, people with city bikes and people with a fulls, people with panniers and people with bikepacking bags. What’s in common? The smile on their face and not even a touch of bias towards others approach and philosophy. A bike is enough, no matter which.

We arrived at BAM! hyped as fuck in different ways. Sisa with a few days trip from her hometown in Piemonte, Fede D and Jacopo from the incredible party at Lanzaretti’s place with the coolest traveller around (thanks Nure for the invitation) picking up Asja on the way. Mattia and Fede B, the real heroes, straight from work.

Putting together all the stories and anecdotes happened at BAM! will require a good bit of time and the right effort, but for now there is no time for that. At this point there is still a lot to think about and keep dreaming about the next time we will be all gathered together with those amazing souls.