The Enough manifesto

We are the Enough Cycling Collective. We ride bikes because that's enough to live life at its fullest. We explore  and we race.We have fun and we suffer.We push to the limit and we chill.We ride in groups and alone.We ride on gravel and we ride on roads.We go bikepacking in the most remote areas and we explore our backyards. We think of cycling as a way to see the World and look into ourselves. We believe cycling is not much, but it's already enough to be happy and alive.  We are the Enough Cycling Collective


We want people to be happy and grow through cycling in its most different and widest forms. 


We want to encourage people in experiencing cycling in its different forms and disciplines.  We do it inspiring through our activities, providing all the information and taking away the barriers that might stop someone leaping. *We also exist to come up with ideas that UCI will urge to ban in a matter of months.

Enough was born in a not better defined place and time and without any specific reasons. 

Or maybe we should say  it was born for many different reasons and in several different moments and places. 

It was born during those long sunsets spent on the saddle of which we will never have enough of, and it was born during those cold mornings in which you should stay home but the will to ride is enough by itself to make you do otherway.

It was born during those moments of fatigue, when the weakest head wind would be enough to make you stop pedaling and would put you on the side of the road, just like it was born on those moments you have enough energy to push the pace and drop everyone else.

It was born on those trails broken enough to make you realize that you are on the wrong bike, just like it was born on those straight roads so long you have time to repeat yourself a dozen times that you had enough.

It was born in those places far enough to find nothing but yourself, and it was born in a pub where your friends are enough to make you feel like home. 

It was born because we had enough of vain categorization between different approaches to cycling and enough of all those fool side looks resulting from it. 

To say that we have enough of people who take cycling too seriously but we will never have enough of a beer and a good laugh about the worst misadventures we went through all together.  

To say that we have enough of cycling influencers not pedalling at all, of rhetorical stories taking people apart, of pointless obsession over performance that leave room for nothing else. 

To say that everyone has and is everything necessary to accomplish that project she is thinking about and that it’s time to take action without second guessings.  

To say that the same old roads are not enough, but a bike is enough to explore the world and keep growing. 

To say that a bike is not much but it’s already enough to be happy and feel damn alive.

Enough wasn’t born in a definable place nor time, and without a specific reason. It grew by itself until it became essential it took this shape.  It started with eight people but nobody owns it. Actually, everyone owns it.  Everyone with her concept of enough and notion of limit. Everyone with her set of things to say enough to, and those to say never enough to. Everyone is enough, nobody excluded.