Last year we said that great things happen in between. In this case, we should slightly change perspective and say that great things happen last minute. We’ve been looking for a new girl for the team for some time and we were finding the 100% right fit. We’ve been patiently waiting, knowing that at some point something would happen. And that’s exactly what happened with Morgan.

Here a few questions we asked her to get to know her a bit more!

You’re the latest addition to the Collective – meaning you joined this year. Tell us a bit more about how you got in touch with Enough and how that went. 

Boy did I get lucky! After talking to a few companies willing to help me go the privateer route I realized that what really brought me joy back when I started cycling was riding with a team. That’s why when I got in touch with Fede, through Lydia, it seemed like the perfect option! Racing gravel with some really fun and amazing people. 


You’re relatively new to cycling. Can you share how you started cycling and how it went from there?

I’ve tried to tell the story a few different ways, but the only truthful way is that I got broken up with 💔. In an effort to keep busy (and maybe try to make someone jealous, as he cycled a bit) I decided to rent a bike and go out and ride 50 miles. Having not grown up playing sports this was maybe a bit of a stretch, but something clicked and I was hooked after that. Within a week I had gone on Craigslist, bought a used bike and started riding after work. I quickly connected with a friend from university, Veronica Ewers, who told me to join a road team with her, and after that the rest was history. After training through COVID, I spent about 1.5 seasons racing a bit on the road before moving to Girona to try something new, when I decided gravel racing was more fitting. It’s crazy to look back now and think about that one thing that changed everything, and I think that break up might have been it. Couldn’t imagine where I’d be if I hadn’t rented that first bike.

You’re focusing more and more on racing. What feelings and emotions are you looking for and what you like about it? What do you not like at all?

I love it! I love pushing myself and doing hard things. It’s something that’s very new for me and I find that I’m still constantly finding new limits. I think if maybe I had been riding my bikes my whole life, I might feel differently, but being newer to sport feels like there is still so much to explore and limits to test – it’s quite exciting. Hmm, don’t like? Honestly, there really isn’t much to not like, can’t say I always love doing my efforts 🤪…but I always love when they’re done 😂


Do you have any event or bike ride of your dreams? Are you planning to do it soon?

Unbound! It’s definitely one of those big bucket list events. I’m not sure that I’m super thrilled about riding 200 miles or that I’ll even be good at it, but I can’t wait to experience it. It’s an event I’ve always looked at and thought, “wow, maybe one day!” and it seems that “one day” is coming sooner than I might have imagined. Can’t wait!

We’ve been together for the shooting and for the first races. How do you feel about being part of a group instead of racing on your own?

It’s great! It’s certainly the entire reason that I joined the team is to have teammates, to share the experience and have support. I think it’s a bit different in gravel since it’s such an individual effort, but it’s very nice to be able to come back together at the end of a race and share the experience together. Nothing more fun than the post-race banter. 


“Enjoy the trip” is the main topic of Enough for this year. What does it mean for you?

To me it means enjoy your own journey – whatever that journey may look like. Whether you’re riding your bike to see new places, for exercise after work or to win races, it’s all amazing. Cycling means so much to so many different people and that’s what makes it so cool. You get to connect over everyone’s different “trips”. For me it means enjoying and trusting the process and making sure that I never finish a race and wondering “what if”. Control what I can and enjoy the rest 🙂

“Enjoy the trip” is the main topic of Enough for this year. What does it mean for you?

For me, is the way I want to take life. I recently had a family member diagnosed of Cancer and that made me think a lot about what’s the sense of worrying too much and not enjoying life, which is a trip, isn’t it?. I also work as a nurse and unfortunately I get to see too often how life can change in a moment. That’s why I think we shouldn’t take anything for granted, instead we should enjoy everything and every minute we have. Cause, I hope it does never arrive but, if that day arrives, knowing you made the best of it till the moment has to be such a good feeling.