Many have great ideas, but just few manage to actually realise them: execution is always what makes the difference.

Shaping ideas: an imagery that can fit in many different situations where from a thought one creates an object making it tangible.

Painting a frame is a whole different kind of business. As a matter of fact the relationship between the idea and the shape is much more complex than that. In this case we can say that we’re dressing a shape with an idea. Just think about it: the shape is already there – the bike frame – and so is the idea, laying in someone’s mind. You need to make them match and model the idea in a way to keep it authentic to its origin but adapt to a given shape at the same time. No easy task.

Tony: a man using masks since way before it bacame mainstream

It’s a game that requires experience, trials and attempts. Most of the time we think and imagine in 2D. A frame however is a 3D object, but counting folds and tubes crossings you need to take into account way more than 3 dimensions. A frame goes beyond the 3D idea of space – which is understandable if you think of the power it holds: to amplify emotions and experiences of the person who will use it. One thing is sure: finding a graphics for a frame is a great fucking mess.

Tony and Lara are very much aware of it since they did see a few frames and a few ideas in their lives.They patiently guided us in bringing our ideas and graphics onto the 3T Racemax frames that we’ll be using in 2021.

“Guided”. It’s really the right word to describe how Tony and Lara did their job and also bared us in those phases where our ideas weren’t very clear at all. And when they did become clear, they helped us to adapt them to the form of our awesome machines. From the beginning to end they saw us yawn and hit our heads before finding the right path.

Deciding how to use the pattern was a long process, because once again we wanted an elegant yet not loud effect. And once again the job was Matteo’s. Lonely nights on Adobe Illustrator weren’t worth 2 hours spent with paper, stickers and pencils to find the perfect solution. Actually, add to the list some beers, chips and pizzas to get the whole mix.

Once we found the path, the rest is pretty boring to tell. Business as usual for Tony and Lara, who did what they do best with masks, colours and film. Meaning they dressed our Racemax with the ideas that we were able to find. How? Well, just watch the Masters in the video below!