Coming up with a jersey for Enough has been the most challenging adventure of 2021. Looking forward to rad adventures in the near future – the real ones – let us explain to you why the kit design was already no joke.

The result of a long process.  Down below how we arrived here (closing up the photo gallery by Chiara Redaschi)

Let’s start with some premises: is Enough a team? Maybe. Maybe not. We would rather consider Enough like a group of people who ride and rode many times together in the past, caring not at all about how they looked. Let us say that we have never felt the need to have a distinctive “uniform” before and that looking like billboards on wheels – applying the “team” concept we are used to in the pro and amateur cycling scene – is one of our biggest fears. We don’t think we have to dress up all the same to feed the sense of belonging to a specific group of people or discipline.

However, when you have a shared philosophy and a common identity, showing it up on a visual level is well deserved. So here we are with the challenge: a kit – please not a “uniform”: we are not going to war – that would make us recognizable, respecting at the same time our philosophy based on inclusivity and self expression.

First thing first, we should feel at ease on the bike as well as at the pub. Equally comfortable pedaling and enjoying a very plausible post ride aperitif. Hence, no clown artwork, no crazy flashy colors, no upfront writings.

Finding a balance with the environment we ride in is essential. That being said, we are not looking to limit us to the use of neutral colors. We are rather interested in standing out with harmony from the most diverse natural landscapes, both in bright sunshine and at sunset.

The starting point of the project is Vania’s pattern, combined with the palette previously approved by Matteo. We thought with these premises to be on good track, but we soon realized that applying a pattern on a jersey design, being true to the concept we previously agreed upon, was everything but easy. As always we trusted who knows more than us and we asked Luisa – Sportful’s graphic designer – to play her magic.

Luisa’s magics

We tried to bring alive an idea working in our heads, just to realize it looked like straight shit on paper. Step by step we were able to fix it and we undertook a new direction together. Involving everyone and letting us be guided by who knows more than us has been extremely important. A design communicating inclusivity is the reflection of an inclusive creation process.

After many tries and a lot of patience shown by Luisa here we are with the final product. A shade of our three colors, nestling the pattern without having it too obnoxiously present. And to bring back to light, one more time, our belief that cycling makes you happy when you are able to mix different styles and perspectives. In the same way you don’t think that the world is just monotone and you are aware that all the shades in between deserve some love.

In this case, the graphic is applied to Supergiara jerseys by Sportful, but we will leave technicality for another post addressed to the nerd is hidden in each and everyone of us. For now let’s enjoy our new jersey matching the bikes we are happily pedaling already. It’s finally time to put everything together.