2021 Design

2021-03-30In Geek's corner

When we said we see the bike as a way of being happy and growing – we weren’t kidding. That’s  why we think most of the time a bike is enough to be happy, but it also carries great opportunities to learn, improve and try out new things.

For example, we could have created the collective without paying much attention to its graphic identity. But why should we waste an occasion to invent something and see how things could develop? Also  greek philosophers said: kalòs kai agathòswhich means that what’s beautiful is also good. That being said, a try is worth the effort – keeping in mind the content is much more important than the  exterior.  

First ideas on paper. Directly from Vania’s notebook.

So here we are, looking back to a few months ago when it became clear that we can prove something on our bikes, but when it’s about graphic design some help is much needed and appreciated: introducing Vania. But let’s proceed with order…

For some unknown reason we began a trip down the magical world of the 80s, between crazy graphics and kinda extra colours. Soon enough, we leave this idea because it looks like this year at least 500 teams will go down that same path. 

Just like sprints at the beginning of the race stay in your legs, so the colours of that sunset – of which nobody knows the author – stick with us and remain central even when we undertake a completely different road. 

But which road do we pick? We go in circles for a while, until we get, for some reason, to the Bauhaus school. The groundings and logics of the movement are so appealing. The design is really simple – just like our approach to  the bike – and without useless complication. Plus for the Bauhaus school all kinds of art are respectable and have to be highlighted for their own strengths. Architecture and design, sculpture  and painting, graphics and textile. Does it ring a bell? Maybe something like: fencing off cycling disciplines has no point and we would all be better off experimenting new things?

Well, when we landed on these concepts we felt at home and we didn’t do much more. We let Vania do her job while we  did ours – riding and being sure she had everything she needed for her creativity to kick in. 

The result is a pattern made of simple and elementary forms that we declined on every customizable item  of our kit. For now you get the pattern – soon you’ll also see it applied to all the gear we will bring along this year. And it will be more than enough – bet on it. 

Well, then there’s the logo. Yes, it’s true. We spammed it a little too much at the beginning. We apologize for that, we got too involved. But we love it and for that one we give a big shout out to Matteo. We wanted  something simple but with distinguishable elements. And there you have it: the word enough with its big orange dot. Just like saying: that’s enough, period. But also to remind us of new openings, because after a full stop it’s the beginning of a new chapter.There is always a way to do it, no matter the situation. After all, everything starts from a dot – as Wassily Kandisky says.